A Blog about Texas travel? Why not? What will be different from other Blogs about traveling in Texas? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

Now I’m not a native Texan, but I’m a Traveler. I’ve lived in Texas since 2005 and have had the opportunity to see just a small part. My goal is to visit every corner of this great state to find the good, the bad (I’m not looking for the bad, but I know it’s out there) and the ugly. I’m also very opinionated. So you’ll hear about the good things and the bad. Are my opinions right? YES. Will you have different opinions? Sure. Will you have an opportunity to refute my opinions? Yes. I dare you. I’ll also give you some helpful travel tips, not just for Texas.

Topics you’ll be seeing on a regular basis:

  • Places to eat and places not to eat.
  • I’m searching for the best Chicken Fried Steak (I’ve stocked up on Zocor)
  • Travel bargains
  • Websites to check out
  • Tell me where to go (I know you want to)

Travel Tip: When searching for the lowest hotel rates and you don’t want to use an online travel agency like Travelocity, Expedia, etc, go to a specific hotels website (or a chains website) and check out their rates. They should be the lowest available. You can also go to the destinations Convention and Visitors Bureau website and if you see a search box that says “BookDirect” you can view the lowest rates of all the hotels that are available with just a few clicks.

So keep an eye on out (old joke) for my Blog, and let’s have some fun.

Check out this video clip from The David Letterman Show about Blogging

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  1. George Carlesbad Reply

    I knew Stu Barash as "The Travelin’ Man". Very knowledgeable and passionate about travel. I’m looking forward to reading his blogs.

  2. James Cazares Reply

    I have also experienced going out of town and eating at a place that I had no idea of the food. Thanks to this blog and other for updated information on not only eating but also accomodations.

  3. Linda E Reply

    as a fairly new resident here, I’m always looking to find out more about things to do around here. Looking forward to reading more on this blog.

  4. Birgit Reply

    We just moved to Austin, TX 5 months ago and haven’t seen much of Texas yet. Looking forward to read your tips and recommendations!

  5. Linda E Reply

    we’re fairly new to the area and always looking for day trips. This will be a great place for finding new things to do and enjoy. thanks

  6. Jenny Reply

    I have received so much info from this website! Thanks….wanting to know where the best camping sites are to enjoy Wurstfest in New Braunsfel. Any suggestions?

  7. Catalina Reply

    This blog has great information. Two of the blogs were great to me. Specifically the Galveston restaurant information. I never knew where to eat and now I know. Thank you!!

  8. Sandra Reply

    Would be very interested in additional websites to check out for travel info. Always interested in new places to try out and see!

  9. Lizz Reply

    This is a wonderful idea! I’m always looking for new things to do and still stay close to home!

  10. Michelle Avitia Reply

    I think this idea Rocks! I hate not knowing where the good food is!

  11. Jenny L. Reply

    Know of any good stopping places between Dallas and Galveston? I noticed on one of our brochures that there is a battleship museum of some sort around Galveston. Anyone been there? Also, how are the jellyfish this time of year in the Gulf?

  12. Sandi Reply

    Great idea! I’m a native to CO so I’m new to Texas and definitely looking for ideas of where to explore etc..

  13. Reverend Lanney Spradling Reply

    Explore Texas City & Galveston > The heart of Great Fishing & Fresh Seafood > It’s hard to beat all the great places west of Galveston Island as well, so many great places along the Beach.

  14. Ray Hernandez Reply

    I just spoke to my good friend Mary Jane of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. She will be visiting Kyle, Texas this weekend and I told her about Wurstfest. She had never heard of it but will now be attendng.

    From the Simply Charming city of Kyle, Texas, Ray

  15. Karen A Reply

    I’ve visited many wonderful Texas locations since I relocated to Texas in 1968. Now that I have TourTexas.com bookmarked I know that I will have many more Texas adventures to add to my itinerary.

  16. Doris Rohan Reply

    I would like to see a website that gives more information on hotels/motels–the good, the bad and the ugly.

  17. Nancy Stibbens Reply

    Love the idea, would really love to see stories on off-beat treasures, such as Colonel Bubbie’s, in Galveston.

  18. Reverend Lanney Spradling Reply

    If you’re looking for the Unique, the Best, you have to start in Texas City, with a trip to Galveston Island, then simply drive the Coastal Cities, Freshest Foods, Best Foods, unless UR looking to spend a fortune dining out in Dallas or Houston where you can eat on Expensive Utensiles & China. Crafts people line the Coastal Regions by the Thousands.

  19. Claudia Reply

    I really enjoy this site. I’ve lived in Texas for years and don’t feel like I’ve really explored all the great things about it. This site helps me determine where to go and what to see!

  20. Alan Ogilvie Reply

    As a Newby to Texas I love seeing what is happening. This is a very helpful site.

  21. Martha Morgan Reply

    I love the e-mails from Tour Texas and the video and audio links on the blog. You’re doin’ all the good.

  22. Linda Reply

    I new to the area but greatly enjoy the sights and things I have found to do. It is really helpful to have a site like this.

  23. Charann Reply

    Thanks for the tips on hotel searching! It’ll certainly make my travel plans easier from now on…
    Great blog! I’ll be following this one regularly!

  24. Fred Reply

    Great info. will have to try some of the food next time I get down to Galveston.

  25. Carl Brinkley Reply

    Check out the Mediterranean Grill restaurant in the Strand (Glaveston)

  26. Karmen Kiler Reply

    I also would love to see the attractions that are your roadside wonders or some oddities that aren’t on most peoples travel plans. Think Cadillac Ranch only less known. Looking forward to all of the things you have come up with.

  27. Esther Guerra Reply

    Thank you, have lived in Texas all my life and never heard about Wurstfest. Thanks for the information. Can’t wait to experience the event. (Would also like to know where I can get good egg custard pie)

  28. Renee Bolton Reply

    We’ve been in SA for over 3 years and cannot believe how much there is to do here….your info would soooo helpful…can’t wait to read!

  29. Tracy Reply

    One great place to check out in Galveston:
    Shrimp & Stuff, 3901 Ave O (near 40th street). You will enjoy, they have been there for 30 years.
    (409) 763-2805

  30. Angelia Reply

    Thanks for the tips on finding the cheepest hotels. I am looking forward to seeing just where in our great state you find the best chicken fried steak.

  31. Marissa Livingston Reply

    These are nice tips and ideas, to plan a road trip and try them.

  32. Ursula Rogers Reply

    So much to do in the state of Texas – so little time & money!! ha!! I need to win those WurstFest Ticktets!!

  33. Chiyako Howard Reply

    I’m not a native Texan too and I`m living long time usa. But, I Still Don’t Know where go,find the best Cool thingth .
    Thank you Very useful Great info and idea.

  34. Dottie Callahan Reply

    Traveling tips are always welcome! hope you think Texas is the great state I think it is!!

  35. H. Bates Reply

    Thanks TourTexas.com. I’ve found your website and blog insightful and timely. Although I’ve lived here 2 years, my husband was deployed half that time, limiting my excursions, but your emails have given me great ideas for day trips as well as reminding me of upcoming events. Thanks!

  36. Gore Reply

    Thanks TourTexas. I am so excited I found this website. I love TEXAS, there is so much to do here. My family and I like to travel and your website makes it easier to find things in Texas that we all would like to do.

  37. Sheila Reynolds Reply

    Glad I found this site. Sorry it took WurstFest tickets to entice me to visit. I will visit this site more often.

  38. Joseph Reply

    Great Website. I am glad this information is available for Texas. You do all the hard work and reap the benefits when traveling. Thanks

  39. damaris Reply

    what a great idea! so much state and so much to do! one centralized place to find lodging! thank you!

  40. ANTONIO Reply


  41. Loretta Reply

    Everything at one place, this is great. Anytime you need to know something or fin somthing to do this is the place….. THE BEST!!!!!

  42. Angelica Reply

    I’m exited about this website now i know where to go when i need information on vacation ideas!!

  43. Darlene Enfield Reply

    My Husband and I love to travel and see new places, TX is so BIG we don’t know where to start

  44. Paul Reply

    One Best CFS Places that comes to mind is "The Longhorn" in Downtown Houston Texas!

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