So what can we expect in 2010? If I knew that I wouldn't be writing this blog. I would use my powers to pick Lottery numbers and things like that.

If you believe the Doomsday hype, you have less than 3 years to use all your Frequent Flyer Miles. It may take you that long to get a confirmed seat.

So here is what I see in 2010 for Texas:

  • Hotel occupancy will increase slightly, but there will be great bargains.
  • You will visit as many Texas cities as possible
  • The best deals will be on Luxury Hotels & Resorts. There are plenty of them throughout Texas.
  • So many Texas attractions, so little time
  • Car rental rates will continue to skyrocket. There are some smaller, lesser known car rental companies you may want to look for, such as EZ Rent a Car in Dallas for instance.
  • You will eat only in local Texas restaurants. Break to chain.
  • Southwest Airlines will most likely begin charging for bags (once they see how much the other airlines have made on baggage)
  • The highest room rates will be in San Antonio, so if you see a deal, grab it.

Travel Tips to help you save money

Compare rates on a site like

Once you find a hotel where you want to stay, look on their website to see what rate they have. If you feel it’s too high, call the hotel, ask for the manager, tell him or her you will be visiting the area several times in 2010 and you would like a lower rate. Example. If the lowest rate is $100, ask if they can extend a rate of $75. The worst that can happen is they say no. They may say I can give you an $80 rate. You just saved $20/nt. (and you may just get an upgraded room). You can also use the accommodation search feature on to find the best prices on Texas hotels by booking directly with the lodger.

If you have to rent a car, try not to rent it from an airport location as it usually costs more.

Book a tour package. They will save you time and money.

Happy New Year Y'all!

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  1. cjtraveltips Reply

    One great place to visit in 2010 is Fort Travis! Fort Travis was built back in the Civil War Era and helped house military supplies and protect the Texas coast. Not only can guests explore and learn about Civil War History, but they can also stay in cabins too. Fort Travis has playgrounds and plenty areas to fish. Fort Travis is located just a few miles before you get on the Ferry to head to Galveston! This information is courtesy of!!

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