He’s back.

Yes the Texas Travelin’ Man is back – and get ready to read about a lot more places I’ve visited.  And yes, the Chicken Fried Steaks I’ve been eating as I tour Texas. But first I need your help. I’ll be going to Fiesta San Antonio for the first time (the 2nd weekend) and need to know what not to miss. This is your chance to tell ME where to go. Be gentle now. I won’t be going with children, but I may act like one after a few beverages.


  • Please tell me what to see.
  • The best place to see it.
  • The best place to park.
  • What should I eat?
  • Any other tips.


In an earlier blog I mentioned I was searching for the best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas. You gave me a great list of restaurants to try. So the last time I was in San Antonio (just a few months ago), I went to Good Time Charlie’s which was highVisit Good Time Charlie's on your next family
Texas vacation in San Antonio. on the list.

Well, all you Good Time Charlie’s fans were right. It was the best I’ve had so far!

Here are the facts:

  • Cost – $8.25 for a big, crunchy, peppery coating with a very tender steak.
  • The thick white gravy was nicely seasoned.
  • The CFS is served with great mashed potatoes and very good green beans.
  • They also serve Texas Toast, but please I beg you, leave the TT alone. After you’ve eaten the CFS and the sides, your body doesn’t need the toast.

Good Time Charlie’s is a hole in the wall, which so far, are the best places for CFS. Good Time Charlie’s is located in San Antonio’s Cultural District and is open 7 day/week.

Tour Texas Travel Tip:
Before you go to sleep in a hotel room, make sure the previous guest didn’t preset the alarm and turned the volume up. This will save you a possible heart attack in the middle of the night.

Tour Texas Travel Bargain: Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open and ready for you to enjoy the park without the summertime crowds. They also have some fantastic bargains, but you have to seek them out online. Here is an example. When you go to Six Flags, you act like a kid, so why not pay like a kid. The “Everyone Pays Kids Price” is only $34.99 ($37.83 with tax). Go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to view all the deals.


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  1. Pearl of the Pacific Reply

    I like fiestas, and this one is a very colourful one.

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