Well I survived Fiesta and can say that if you have never been to Fiesta San Antonio, you have to go at least once. Next year’s date is April 2-17, 2011.

My visit was the 2nd weekend of Fiesta and I was able to catch the Parade (on TV). My first Fiesta event was NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio) which takes place in and around La Vallita and has an $8.00 admission ticket. I met friends at the Marriott Plaza San Antonio, had a few and then walked a couple of blocks to the entrance of NIOSA. You have to buy food and beverage coupons as the vendors don’t take cash or credit cards. There are plenty of coupon sellers throughout NIOSA.

The crowds were intense and trying to keep eight of us together without getting lost was a challenge, but worth it. NIOSA has themed areas with its own food, music and even decorations. We started out in the French Quarter (which was apropos for me). The first thing my gang went for was the escargots in butter sauce. I didn’t partake. There is something about eating escargot out of a paper cup that said to pass. We then went to the Irish section, and just kept going. Eating and drinking along the way.

One of the best places to gather was to watch the Grateful Geezers who are fantastic. The best thing I ate at NIOSA was a brisket sandwich and the best place to hang out was in the German area which was indoors.

[Disclaimer: If you go next year, make sure you have comfortable shoes and ladies don’t take a purse if you don’t have to and guys, keep your wallet and personals in your front pocket.]

We finished the evening back at the Marriott Plaza San Antonio for a final nightcap.

The next day was the King William Fair which is held in the King William historic district.  We all met at one of the most popular restaurants in San Antonio: Rosario’s. It’s across the street from the entrance to the Fair. $5.00 will get you in and again, you need to buy food and beverage tickets. Even though it was very crowded, the atmosphere was wonderful as you were walking around this beautiful historic district with beautiful homes and tree lined streets. Here you will find artists and crafts spread among the food and beverage booths.

Now for my Chicken Fried Steak pursuit.

This time I went to Lulu’s Bakery and Café. Many people still call it Lulu’s Jailhouse.

Lulu’s tells you they have the best chicken fried steak. It’s on their window, a sign outside and on their menu. Well, I’m here to tell you it was good, but Good Time Charlies in San Antonio is better. Sorry Lulu’s.

Here is what you’ll find:

  • Cost: $6.99 special for the day (regular price $9.49.)
  • You get a good size portion with a great crispy crust (it’s double dipped in buttermilk).
  • Very good white gravy that’s nicely seasoned, but the beef was very tough to eat.
  • You also get a very small portion of mashed potatoes which were great, and another side.
  • It also comes with a yeast roll.


Lulu’s is famous for their 3 pound cinnamon roll. And yes, I ordered it. This was featured on the Travel Channel with Adam Richmond (Man Vs Food). It comes to your table hot, with a nice sweet frosting and a surprise in the middle. No I’m not going to tell you it’s a surprise. The looks you get from the others will make you laugh (especially after you’ve eaten a CFS). But, it was worth every penny of the $6.99.

Did I eat it all? Not even close. I’m still eating it and it’s been over a week now.

Travel Tip

When you go to Six Flags San Antonio, or any other theme park, give your children a coach’s whistle in case they get lost. Put it on a ribbon so they can wear it around their neck. The sound may be annoying, but, you will be able to find them quicker.

Travel Bargain: Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open and ready for you to enjoy the park without the summertime crowds. They also have some fantastic bargains but you have to seek them out online. Here is an example. When you go to Six Flags, you act like a kid, so why not pay like a kid. The “Everyone Pays Kids Price” is only $34.99 ($37.83 with tax).

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