Day 4 – Natural Bridge Caverns, Celebrating its 50th year
Just 35 minutes from the Springhill Suites/Six Flags, and a must visit, especially if you have never been to a Cavern before. We have been deprived of this experience, so we went. What we didn’t have time to do was experience the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch which is located next door.

Natural Bridge CavernsWe did the Discovery Tour which was about 75 minutes long with a guide. There was plenty of time to take pictures (if you have the right camera. Most of the pictures did not come out). You must wear shoes as the walk down and back up are steep and wet in places. Flip flops just won’t work. If you are very, very claustrophobic you may have a problem. I am, but there was only a very short period of time I felt it. The scenery and narration helps you forget your claustrophobia.

$17.95/adult; $9.95/child 3-11


The grand kids didn’t get enough of the water parks at SeaWorld (even though they got soaked from Shamu, the raft ride and the log ride) and Six Flags, they wanted to go to a full fledged water park. So we opted to go to Splashtown because it was closer, we figured it would be less crowded  and we had to leave early to make our dinner reservations.  Everyone did have a great time in the wave pool, on the slides and along the lazy river. I especially enjoyed myself as I stayed under a large covered area next to the lazy river and people watched.

Splashtown was not crowded, but it was very tired looking. It does need a makeover. I think I’m safe in saying that The Water Park to choose is The Schlitterbahn.  Go the extra miles, pay the extra price and wait in lines if you have to.

Dinner at
The Chart House atop the Tower of the Americas:

Chart HouseThere are so many great restaurants to choose from in San Antonio to celebrate the end of a great vacation and a birthday (The Texas Travelin’ Man had a birthday). We were going to choose a restaurant along the Riverwalk, but I decided it would be special for the grand kids to experience a revolving restaurant high above the city (plus it would be much cooler than eating outside). It was perfect, except for the people facing the window looking out as the sun was in their eyes. The waitstaff and the food was right on the money. Speaking of money, it was more expensive than I expected, but good food, good service and good atmosphere comes at a price (and someone has to pay to have the restaurant spin around). The perfect ending to a perfect vacation with family.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this blog, the kids and grand kids were an important part in the planning of this Multi-Generational Vacation so I thought I would let you hear what they had to say.

Abby C.

Amber R.

Matt C.

Sadie R.

So, go and make memories now while you can. We chose San Antonio to make our memories. Choose yours.

The End.

Who is that mapped man? It’s the Texas Travelin’ Man.

It's the Texas Travelin' Man.

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  1. Barbara McBride Reply

    What a vacation that would be…haven’t been to Natural Bridge Caverns, love the Zoo. Texans that haven’t had a chance to tour all the Texas we would like…yet!

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