Chicken Fried Steak Review: Max’s Wine Dive

At Max's Wine Bar for the Chicken Fried SteakWhen I read that a Dive in Houston was serving a Prime NY Strip Chicken Fried Steak with Truffle gravy I thought I found Chicken Fried Steak Nirvana. It came close but, I did find a Dive that I will go back to several times for the rest of their unique twist on comfort food menu (and a return visit to their CFS).

Just a few minutes from downtown you’ll find a 4 year old 73 seat dive (this is the hippest dive I’ve been to) where you can find some great wines and gourmet comfort food. You know how I feel about chains, and Max’s will soon have three locations. That does not constitute a chain. Their Austin location opened June 2009 and San Antonio will open October 2010.
Red Velvet Pancakes at Max's Wine Bar
I decided to make my first visit to Max’s Wine Dive for Sunday Brunch. Their Chicken Fried Steak  for Sunday Brunch was only $16.99, while their dinner price for the same is $24.00 (there are a few differences in the gravy and the sides).

Before I get to the Chicken Fried Steak I want to talk about something that really caught my eye on the menu. Red Velvet Pancakes with a lemon cream cheese frosting and a side of maple syrup. The photo displays their small portion (which is not on the menu, but if you ask nicely, they will make them for you). Wonderful, but we shared the small and it was plenty.

Now back to the reason I came to Max’s Wine Dive. The NY Prime Strip Chicken Fried Steak. This is one of the smallest and most expensive Chicken Fried Steaks I’ve had, but with Prime  Beef, and truffle gravy, you will pay more. My only mistake was to not have the truffle gravy on the side. I’ve mentioned this in the past that you need to order the gravy on the side. I have to read my blog more often to remember this.

Max's Wine Bar's Chicken Fried Steak earned a healthy 4 on the URating.

The Chicken Fried Steak is marinated in jalapeno and buttermilk and is surrounded  by a seasoned flour breading. It tastes great. Do not share this. There’s not enough to go around.

The meat was tasty and tender and did I tell you it was Prime Beef? You actually chew a solid piece of meat that hasn’t been pounded to death and there was no gristle.  The (white) truffle gravy is made with black truffle cream. Why not? Truffles are somewhat of an acquired taste, but I acquired that taste years ago. You can put truffles on my Jello and it would be the best Jello I’ve had.  I wasn’t sure what I should do with the 2 fried eggs, so I just put them on top of the Chicken Fried Steak (did I say it was a piece of Prime NY Strip?), and dug in.  The home fries were crispy with some onion and jalapeno. Very good.

Max's Wine Dive scored a 4 on the URating.

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