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Neal's Restaurant - Chicken Fried Steak ReviewA lot of people suggested I go to Neal’s in Spring for their Chicken Fried Steak, so I did. The interior has lots of animals hanging from the walls and it’s the kind of place that you would expect to find a good CFS. Lots of people sitting near me ordered the CFS as I did. You have some choices to make. Every day the CFS is one of two specials. You get the CFS, 2 veggies and dessert for $6.47. This is what I recommend if you have to have the CFS. The other options are a CFS sandwich with fries for $6.29, or the small CFS for $8.99 (4 oz) or the large for $10.99 (2-4 oz patties). You also get a choice of 2 sides.

I ordered the large. That was my first mistake. I chose Neal's Chicken Fried Steakas my sides, green beans which were average, and their potato casserole which is like a twice baked potato with cheese and onions  baked in a casserole. This was the best part of my meal. The breading on the CFS was very good and there was no grease on the bottom. The meat, it turns out is pounded thin and then folded over in some places. If you look at the left patty you can see the hump. CFS’s shouldn’t have humps. Camels have humps. CFS doesn’t stand for Camel Fried Steak. The meat was good and tender. The seasoning was very light on both the meat and breading, but they totally forgot to  season the gravy. It was difficult to dip the Chicken Fried Steak in the bland gravy. I even tried to doctor it up, but it didn’t work.

Neal's Restaurant Chicken Fried Steak Review

Who is that mapped man? It’s the Texas Travelin’ Man.

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  1. Kena Totsch Reply

    My favorite place to eat Chicken Fried Steak is Babe’s in Burleson. It is wonderful and the sides that come with it are fantastic!

  2. Ronald Surovik Reply

    The best chicken fried steak that I’ve had besides my moms of coarse is the Old Jodys Restaurant in Temple Texas..Very very good with outstanding gravy and fries…Love that place.

  3. Lindsey Ritenour Reply

    My favourite place for chicken fried steak is DeWese’s Tip Top Cafe in San Antonio! Its perfectly juicy and takes up the entire plate!

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