The State Fair of Texas has been entertaining millions for over 100 years and it’s that time again.

My bucket list will be a little shorter as I will Travel Texas and visit the State Fairfinally make it to the Fair this year.
That’s where I need your help. And I will reward 1 family of 4 for their help.

I need to know:
1) The best way to experience the State Fair with the least amount of stress
2) When should I go?
3) What is a must see?
4) What is a must eat?
5) What should I avoid?

For your help, a family of four will receive:

  • 4 admission tickets to the State Fair of Texas; and
  • 2 night stay in a 1 bedroom suite at the Candlewood Suites Plano in Plano, Texas (space is subject to availability, and must be used during the dates of the 2010 State Fair of Texas).

Candlewood Suites

All you need to do to qualify is post your comments below.  We’ll choose 1 person randomly from all who post through 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 22.

So let me hear from you and hopefully you will get to the Fair on me.

The Texas Travelin’ Man.

The Texas Travelin' Man

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  1. Jeanetta Chancellor Reply

    To enjoy the fair one should arrive early to ensure safe parking area, avoiding parking in someones yard . wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. The best time to attend the fair is during the weekday, it will be less crowded but if you like being packed like a sardine, the opening day is the best.
    Do not leave the fair without eating a Turkey leg, funnel cake, candy apple and Gyro. ONLY GET FOOD FROM VENDORS WEARING GLOVES when working with your food.
    The fair is like a big pot of stew…you either eat all thats in the stew or you eat what is most tastey to you.. So see everything at the fair that interest you and just maybe see something new. Have Fun enjoy making memories and take lots of photos

  2. The Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    Thank you Jeanetta and Bob. A guy named Bob who tells me he loves Bobs bbq? Hmm
    Jeanetta. Thank you for all the great suggestions.

  3. Stephanie Reply

    The Fair is something i have always loved since i was a little girl! I have been a spectator and an employee. I recommend going any weekend other than the final weekend or the weekend of october 2nd (tx/ou weekend) both are packed days. If you want to experience it with no stress i recommend showing up early and park in the fair parking lot because its safer and just walk around. Dont plan to much just enjoy the sites and graze the food. Most shows go on all day but i recommend checking out the car coral for the amazing car shows they put on with classic and newer custom cars.Another show to see is the trained dog show with the boarder collies that do tricks and also the birds of flight show! All the food is great but i enjoy the classics like gyros and fletchers corny dogs! The only thing I would avoid is walking outside the fair grounds at night because it isnt the safest place. I always see something new i enjoy and love to go every year as a mother/ dughter trip with my mom. The concerts are also great. There is so much to say I could go on forever. Allow your self time to just take it all in… Hope you have as much fun as I always do… it is truelly a texas staple!!

  4. The Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    I can hear the passion in your comment on how you feel about the state fair. Not sure when I’m going, but it won’t be on the major weekend dates. I’m actually thinking of going on a Friday. You said "it’s truly a Texas staple". If I eat everything I want to I may have to staple my stomach.
    I’ll be posting a blog about my visit, so look for it by mid October.

  5. Shelly Reply

    If you are wanting the least amount of stress while visiting the State Fair, you should probably try to go on a weekday and get their early. This way, attraction are a bit less crowded and you aren’t hurrying to try and see everything in a short amount of time. When we attend, we make sure to catch the Dog show and take our time walking through all of the exhibits. You can take your time going in and out of all the buildings (and air conditioning ;)) and grab a new food each time you finish an attaction. You can not leave the fair without a Fletchers Corny Dog and trying at least one of the whatever the new food is that year. This year, we will try the Fried Frito Pie. The Auto Show is another great way to beat the heat and some crowds. If you do attend on a weekend, you might stay for the concert that evening. I’ve seen some great bands over the years, and its FREE (included in your fair admission). The only think I’d recommend to avoid is a ride in the Midway after some deep fried treats. 🙂 Have fun!!!

  6. Barbara McBride Reply

    Texan, born and raised…have always wanted to go to State Fair of Texas, just haven’t had the opportunity…yet! Look forward to going, free…wow, that would be great! Love that big cowboy 🙂
    If I was to go : 1) I would try the different food vendors for their famous creations. 2) I would go early, one for the cooler part of the day and in the afternoons the area would probably be more crowded. 3) Oh, must see everything if I could, but would study a map if possible to find the areas I wouldn’t want to miss. 4) Would have to have turkey leg, funnel cake, probably cotton candy. 5) Avoid the heavy crowds if possible, vendors if the area is dirty, well…not sure until I go.

  7. Pandy Jackson Reply

    The best way to experience the State Fair with the least stress is to go during the week or with a group of friends. If you have not been then you should try to see EVERYTHING possible especially the animals. Must eat ANY foods that you have never tried and that are new. Its ok to be different!!! You must ride the Ferris Wheel and any rides your stomach can handle. I would avoid anything with really short lines, that doesnt always mean a good thing. Just remember "EVERYTHING is BIGGER & BETTER in TX". So you gotta go just 1 time and you will be hooked!!!

  8. Esther Choi Reply

    1. Best way to experience the Fair with the least amount of stress is to go more than once! There are various discounts you can receive on weekdays, so take advantage of those. For example, you can get in for free on Thursdays with a Cinemark movie stub. BUT, if you have just one day to do the Fair, get there early to avoid crowds, pick the places in advance that you definitely want to see and make sure you get to them, then just enjoy the rest of the Fair at your leisure just walking around.
    2. Best time to go is on a weekday. Schools have fair days, and they typically are on Mondays and Fridays, so Tues-Thurs are the best days to go. The later it gets into the day, the more crowded it gets. Definitely take advantage of the discounts available for the weekdays by bringing Coke products, canned goods, etc.
    3. A must-see is Big Tex (obviously). Also, the Midway and any of the shows like the Dog show. Oh, and the pig races!
    4. MUST eat a Fletcher’s corny dog. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.
    5. Avoid parking outside of the fairgrounds. You might save a little money, but it’s just more convenient to park inside the fairgrounds and probably safer. It makes it less stressful to go to the fair if you have checked out where to park in advance instead of driving around looking for a place to park.

  9. Shannon Schulte Reply

    I would say with kids BBQ and seeing all of the farm animals is a definite must! Our boys like to stay just until it’s getting dark and the lights turning on on all of the rides is magical! That’s usually when a rowdier bunch heads out anyways. We love seeing all of the animals, watch the lights come on, ride the merry go round, and eat some great BBQ and share an ice cream as our night ends! Thanks for the chance! Our family would love to go!

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