Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo, WacoHeart of Texas Fair & Rodeo       
This was my first visit to the Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo (HOT) and I wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea, but it was. The midway was jumping, the food was frying and the pigs and wiener dogs were racing. And yes the cowboys and cowgirls were rodeoing (that’s my new word)

This was my second visit to Waco in the past year. During my first visit, I got to experience the Dr. Pepper Museum (Waco is the home of Dr. Pepper), The Texas Ranger Museum, The Mayborn Museum at Baylor University and wished I had more time to see the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, Homestead Heritage and many more of Waco’s attractions. Find out more about what Waco has to offer.
Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo
This time I concentrated on the HOT. I can’t remember the last time I was in the middle of so much livestock. Probably never.  We entered through the Livestock arena and couldn’t believe the pampering that went on. From the brushing to the hair blowing to the loving. These animals were the pride of their owners.


HOT Weiner Dog RacesThe first major event was the Wiener Dog Nationals. Not being that familiar with wiener dogs, I couldn’t believe the colors of these dogs. To watch these wieners race was the perfect way to start the day. We kept the racing theme going. It was off to the Bacona 500 races (Pig Races)

Who knew pigs liked Oreo cookies?

Yes, after the pig races it was time for Sausage on a Stick (sorry guys).
The Heartland’s Got Talent auditions were in progress and I wasn’t expecting much, but I was again pleasantly surprised with the quality of talent.

We saw Cloggers, a magician, dance troops, and just had a great time.
The little piggies got into the action.
The main event was the Livestock and Rodeo show at night. The events center was the perfect place.

Could be my next Chicken Fried Steak…
Could be my next Chicken Fried Steak review

The Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo goes until October 16, so if you want to experience a relaxing fun time, make your way to Waco.

Who is that mapped man? It’s the Texas Travelin’ Man.

The Texas Travelin' Man

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