State Fair of Texas
Big TexI want to thank everyone who sent in their suggestions on how to experience the State Fair as a first timer.

Parking ($15.00) is everywhere and in most cases you will need to walk a bit to get into the Fair, but once in you will be walking everywhere. They do have a tram that takes you around the Fair and that’s not a bad way to get the lay of the land.
We saw a lot during the 6 hours we were at the Fair, but also missed a lot. One of the things I noticed was there were plenty of places to get away from the crowds and sit on the grass in the shade and just chill. But that’s not why you go to the Fair.

If you want rides and games, go to the Midway. You’ll find plenty to do there. I can’t understand why people put their money down to win a stuffed banana that’s the size of a human and then have to carry it around all day. But they do.Texas State Fair

OK, let’s talk about getting fried at the State Fair. We were ready to experience what we could without hurting ourselves. So here is what we had (and didn’t have) and what it cost.
The first thing was the Deep Fried Frito Pie which was the winner of the best taste this year. It cost 12 coupons (each coupon is $.50 and they sell them everywhere). You get 6 pieces. Very good, but the regular Frito pie would have filled you up. This booth is located near Big Tex.

Next was fried cheese curds for 10 coupons. Very salty and good. Chicken fried bacon for 10 coupons (not good). Fletcher’s Corny Dog for 10 coupons. I was told it had to be a Fletcher’s and they were right.  Fried Macaroni & Cheese for 8 coupons (very good). Fried Twinkies for 6 coupons (what do you think). Fried Snickers (I forgot how many coupons. I was mesmerized by the taste). The best according to our taste was the fried peaches and cream for 10 coupons.

Texas State FairThere were probably a dozen more fried foods to try, but we had it. The one food I was looking forward to was the fried beer which won for the most creative. I heard from several people that it was terrible, so I passed.

The State Fair goes until October 17, so there is still time to raise your cholesterol and pass a good time.

Who is that mapped man? It’s the Texas Travelin’ Man.

The Texas Travelin' Man

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