This is the classic looking place where you would expect to find a great Chicken Fried Steak. What’s even more special about T Bone Tom’s is you will find a mixed bag of wonderful menu items. They have seafood, BBQ and unique appetizers that will have you coming back for more.

T Bone Tom's Chicken Fried Steak ReviewOne of their own creations is the Armadillo eggs. These are big pickled jalapeno peppers that are stuffed with their homemade brisket and their homemade bbq sauce covered in a seasoned flour coating and deep fried. You get 4 to an order with a side of ranch dressing. They also make their own polish style smoked sausage  and serve it sliced with their bbq sauce.

Now,  the reason for my visit. Their Chicken Fried Steak. They have 4 options to choose from. The Chicken Fried Steak sandwich with steak fries for $6.99 (they say it’s the best in the world), a small Chicken Fried Steak with a choice of 2 sides for $9.99 (Monday is the special of the day for $7.49),  a large Chicken Fried Steak for $13.99 and a kids Chicken Fried Steak fingers with curly fries for $5.49 (I wish someone would serve Moe or Larry fries just once).

T Bone Tom's Chicken Fried Steak Review - URating 4.They use top round steak at T Bone Tom’s and tenderize it to the point of  being fork tender. The portion size is 7 oz which is just perfect. They season the flour, coat the steak a few times then drop it in the hot oil. The result is one of the best Chicken Fried Steaks to date. The crispy coating  was perfectly seasoned and the meat was thin, juicy and tender with no gristle.  I lifted the Chicken Fried Steak to sop up the grease puddle, but there was none.

You have several choices of sides and to keep things consistent I went with mashed potatoes and green beans. Yes, the white gravy was on the side.  The mashed potatoes were excellent. They were a little more seasoned than I would have liked, but there were none left on my plate. The green beans tasted like they were just picked from the garden, and served. The constant with most of the green beans I’ve had with my Chicken Fried Steak is bacon. The bacon here was cooked  properly. The white gravy was perfectly seasoned and it had  great consistency.

As you may have noticed in my other posts, I do like a good smoky brisket and theirs looked and smelled great. I took a pound home with some of their bbq sauce and it didn’t disappoint. Smoky and tender.

T Bone Tom's Chicken Fried Steak Review: URating of 4

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It's the Texas Travelin' Man.

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