Tour Texas and check out our chicken fried steak review from Bubba's in Dallas, TexasWhere can you find an old Texaco gas station turned Art Deco restaurant in Dallas?  Bubba’s is a fast food looking restaurant with a drive thru, but also has a great looking restaurant with a black and white checkered floor and red and chrome chairs.

When you enter you place your order, pay and have a seat. They will call your name when it’s ready. It will take a few minutes as it’s not fast food. The music was great old time rock n roll which helps past the time while they are preparing your food. So guess what I ordered? You got it. I ordered the large Chicken Fried Steal with mashed potatoes and green beans.
Chicken fried steak review from Bubba's in Dallas, Texas
Here’s what I didn’t like about Bubba’s. The plate the food came on.It was plastic and was divided in three sections. Looked like a camp plate. Now for the meal. It was very good. There were two CFS’s that had no grease on the bottom, good green beans and very good mashed potatoes. The white gravy was perfectly seasoned and was the thick, crunchy breading. The meat was tender and juicy. It also came with two yeast rolls. Another plus for Bubba’s. There was a bottle of honey on the table which was the perfect accompaniment for the rolls. I ate it all (except for a couple of green beans.

When I asked you all to let me know who has the best CFS in Texas, I received several responses for Babe’s. I wasn’t near a Babe’s but I went to Bubba’s and when I read they were related, I was good.

Bubba's chicken fried steak review

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