Georges Restaurant in Waco, TexasIt’s interesting how life goes to extremes. In my search for the best chicken fried steak in Texas I went from finding the worst Chicken Fried Steak to finding the best (so far) within a 24 hour period. I won’t discuss the worst (see The Angry Dog) but I have finally made it to the top of the Chicken Fried Steak mountain. This was my second visit to George’s Restaurant in Waco. I was there over a year ago but didn’t post my results, even though it was very good. This time it was Chicken Fried Steak nirvana.

Here is the recipe for the best Chicken Fried Steak. The place reeks of what Texas style comfort food  should be. The wait staff is very attentive and is ready to make your visit the best it could be. But let’s get to what they do best. You have a choice of a small Chicken Fried Steak which is 4 oz at $7.99, or the large which is 2/4 oz CFS’s for $9.99. This comes with two sides. Even though it’s only $2.00 more for the large, please think twice before you do. Well I take that back. I ordered the large and ate all but two bites, and that was after I ate three of their famous Crazy Wings which is chicken, jack cheese, jalapenos, wrapped in bacon and of course deep fried.

URating: 5 Udders!

They use an Angus round and pound it where it’s so tender and juicy. The breading is slightly salty and has a nice pepper flavor and comes out crispy, stays on the steak and has no grease on the bottom. I chose garlic mashed potatoes which were so creamy and had a nice garlicky flavor and green beans which were fresh and had a great smoky taste. They start you off with hot rolls as well.

Listen to "Georges Bar" by Pat Green .

Georges Restaurant - URating: 5 Udders!

Who is that mapped man? It’s the Texas Travelin’ Man.

It's the Texas Travelin' Man

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  1. Tony B. Reply

    I attend MCC in the late 80’s. I had the opportunity experience the world greatest chicken fried steak at the famous Georges restaurant. That’s been 26 years ago; I looking forward to eating their again.

  2. Mike Owens Reply

    Would you still reccommend Georges Restaurant? It’s about an 80 mile drive from Cedar Hill & at todays gas prices, I don’t want to be disappointed.


  3. Travelin' Man Reply

    Mike, although it’s been almost two years since I wrote this review, I have no reason to think it’s not just as good now as it was then. It was one of my favorite chicken fried steaks. I just did a quick check on Yelp and George’s has plenty of reviews, mostly 4 and 5 stars. Take a look:

    Oh, and if you do go, please drop by here again and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your opinion.

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