The Carriage House Cafe in HoustonIf you want to experience a restaurant that looks like it just arrived from the mid 1800’s, you’re in luck. It’s not far from Sam Houston Race Course and the building was used to build and restore buggies and carriages. There are still several around the building and inside.
There are antiques all over the restaurant including several antique armoires. If you like stuffed animal heads on the wall, the Carriage House Café has them.  

One of the readers of the blog recommended this as having the best chicken fried steak in Texas.  The restaurant looked to be the perfect setting for this, but the results were not to be.

Here’s the recipe. When you enter, you have to work yourself around to find the counter where you order and pay for your meal.  They have 2 sizes of the chicken fried steak. “The Traditional (small, if you can call it that) is an 8 oz. portion for $8.95, or you can get “Ol Billy Bob’s Button Bustin” Chicken Fried Steak which is 1 lb for $11.95. DO NOT GET THE LARGE ONE. Let me repeat. Do Not Get The Large One. You will hurt yourself.

You also have a choice of one side and the salad bar, or two sides. I chose two sides. MashedThe Carriage House Cafe Chicken Fried Steak Potatoes and onion rings (they were out of green beans). You receive a number and then find a seat. The salad bar, utensils and beverages are way in the back of the restaurant. The salad bar looked very basic. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, peppers, pickles, grated cheese, with several choices of dressings.

So back to the meal. They use a round steak and they pound it way to thin. The crust was very crispy and nicely seasoned. There was no grease factor. The meat was a little chewy. The mashed potatoes needed lots of salt and pepper, but they were very creamy. The white gravy was thick and peppery. The onion rings were thin rings of perfection. The best thing I ate.

This is a fun, old time Texas funky restaurant and it will warrant a return visit (I’ll order something else next time).

Carriage House Cafe - URating: 3 Udders

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