Many faces of Hofbrau cafeI’ve passed by the Hofbrau for several years but never ate there until now. Great looking interior with several old Texas license plates, fun signs and stuffed animal heads on the walls.

One suggestion. Don’t go to the Hofbrau if it’s raining. The table next to us had 3 buckets on the table to catch the water coming from the roof, and then we had to move to a different table as it was coming down on our table as well. But do go to the Hofbrau if you are looking for a very good Chicken Fried Steak.

You have several choices:

  • The small which is about 4-5 ounces @ $10.99.
  • Medium which is about 7-8 ounces @ $12.99.
  • Texas size which is about 10-12 ounces @ $14.99.

If you look at the picture  you will see the small is more than you should be eating.

Hofbrau Chicken Fried SteakAlso, Monday – Friday they have the Chicken Fried Steak as a special for $9.99. You have a choice of 2 sides and it comes with great buttery hot soft rolls with a cinnamon butter.  I chose the garlic mashed potatoes and their house salad which was a combination of mixed lettuce, tomatoes, olives, some thin fried onion rings chopped in a lemon oil dressing. It was just okay. The garlic mashed potatoes where excellent and adding the white gravy was a plus.

The very large size Chicken Fried Steak had a very crispy breading that is dipped in buttermilk and uses a seasoned breading.  There was no grease and the breading stayed on the steak. They use an inside round which was very tender and juicy. The white gravy was on the thin side but was nicely seasoned.

Hofbrau Steaks and Seafood

Who is that mapped man? It’s the Texas Travelin’ Man.

It's the Texas Travelin' Man

URating Legend

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