Wurstfest MusicYes, it is that time of year again.  The days are cooler, the nights are longer and some very special Texans are dusting off their Lederhosen in anticipation of the big event — Wurstfest!    

Each year, New Braunfels, Texas celebrates Alpine and Bavarian culture with ten days of music, food and fun.  This year, Tour Texas would like to invite you to join in the festivities for FREE!

The first 65 people to respond to this blog with a comment about what you love most about Wurstfest, what you are looking forward to the most, or just your favorite Wurst, then email us at tickets@tourtexas.com with your name and mailing address will receive two (2) free tickets to Wurstfest! 

Wurstfest 2011:  November 4 – 13

For more details on this year’s Wurstfest, visit their page on TourTexas.com

**Don’t forget, this is a two-parter!  In order to get your free tickets, you have to leave a comment here on the blog and email us at tickets@tourtexas.com!

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  1. Ralph Reply

    I cannot wait to play at the new tent with The Tubameisters. It’s such a great way to start the South Texas fall.

  2. crissy Reply

    I love seeing everyone just letting their hair down and having fun!A lot of the time you see the same people every year.Can’t wait til it starts this year!!

  3. Sarah Arlt Reply

    I love the tastes and smells of Wurstfest, the friendly faces and the cold Fall air. Put them all together in Texas and you’ve got a culture all their own!

  4. Marilyn Zaruba Reply

    I love everything about Wurstfest…esp. the music and the food. Look forward to it every year.

  5. Rick Duhrkopf Reply

    Wurstfest is my favorite festival in Texas. The continuous polka bands and beer and sausage – I’m in heaven!

  6. Juanita Motika Reply

    the best festival around San Antonio. and the best food around…

  7. Shirley Field Reply

    I think the best thing will be the food! Can’t wait to go for the first time!

  8. Mike Findlay Reply

    I love the beer and hanging out with friends. And the music is great

  9. Sandra Barber Reply

    I love going to Wurstfest for the German beer and all the different food!

  10. Carlos Carrera Reply

    Never been there, so definitely look forward for some great time drinking beer and great food.

  11. salina Reply

    i have never been but look forward to good food, good music, good drinks and a good time!

  12. Tracy Marlowe Reply

    Oh it has to be the potato pancakes and the chicken dance, hands down!!!

  13. Skye Smith Reply

    Wurstfest is WONDERFUL! A big group of us go every year for the food, the music and the fellowship! And we stay within walking distance, so the return trip to the condo is always as entertaining as the festivities in the park!

  14. Paul McPherson Reply

    I love to watch the people. Celebrate in the festivities and of course enjoy the great food and drinks!!!

  15. monica boyd Reply

    i love great food,music,art and beer……………and i have never been !

  16. Rita Kirkup Reply

    You’ve got to love German Food in a great town like New Brunsfels!

  17. phillip batilla Reply

    The best thing about Wurstfest is all the people coming togeteher and having a good time
    with good music and food

  18. Eileen Duerr Reply

    I love the german food and music. My husband is now retired military. We lived in Germany for four years and loved it, this brings back great fun and memories.

  19. lonnie Reply

    What I love about Wurstfest?! The beer of course(that and the guys who wear long socks with their shorts!)

  20. Beth Journeay Reply

    I have never been! I have always wanted to go and I am planning to be in that area during that time. I would love to experience the culture!

  21. Beth Reply

    I have never been but I plan on being in that area during that time. I have always wanted to attend and experience the culture!

  22. michele carmack Reply

    We are flying in from Washington State to attend the Wurstfest for the first. I am sure that we will have a great time.

  23. Janet Reid Reply

    I love the tastes and smells of Wurstfest and the cold Fall air. I look fowarding to traveling south to the 2011 Wurstfest!

  24. Eric Chambers Reply

    I was stationed down in the Bavaria region in germany back in 1994-1997 I haven’t been back since and I would like to get a taste or close to the experience that I had overseas with the celebrations and the good food. This will be my first time going to the Wurstfest and I’m looking forward to it.

  25. Nora Sheffield Reply

    I’ve never been to the festival and would love to go. I have German in my heritage and would love to learn more about the food, customs, etc. I look forward to it all.

  26. Carol Reply

    I’m excited to try the sausages. Ive heard so much abou the fest all my life and im anxious to go!!

  27. Tara Kilcrease Reply

    The best thing is the memories and the photos of a "good time" that is always had at Wurstfest!

  28. eric cuellar Reply

    Great high school memories. Load up friends and family and head on down for beer, music, food and fun!!!!!

  29. Amanda Reply

    Ive always heard the commercials and it looks like so much fun…the beer and the food….Its right up my alley !!!

  30. Melissa Reply

    Love the food – the wurst is always good, but the pork chop on a stick is a must have! Of course fun music, good friends and beer are top on the list too!

  31. Amanda Reply

    The best part of Wurstfest is all the great German food. My husband has never been and I am so excited he has an opportunity to go this year!!!

  32. Macie Harper Reply

    I am looking forward to great food and beer! Excited to experience the music too!

  33. Patrick Reply

    I’ve never been. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the food.

  34. Eric Chambers Reply

    Looking forward to my first Wurstfest. Experienced the festivities in germany and I miss it.

  35. Viacheslav Fedorov Reply

    The cool thing will be the mix of German and Texan cultures. I’ve studied German, and I have lived in Texas for some time, so I am looking forward to see how the two mix!

  36. Cheryl Reply

    We have never been, but we love beer, we love sausage, and my hubby is German, so we would love to check it out!

  37. Priscilla Rogel Reply

    cant wait to taste za food and za beer & join za FUN!! Have been trying to make it the past 3 years

  38. DeAnn Dowdy Reply

    The best part for us would be the music!!! Music is a huge thing in our family. We’ve never been to Wurstfest and would love to go!!!!

  39. Linda Atkins Reply

    Family friendly prices, great German music and food and mostly indoors – so not affected by the weather.

  40. Daria Prendergast Reply

    Doing the Wurstfest bike ride from Austin to New Braunfels and then gorging ourselves on the food because we have been so virtuous! Ha

  41. Linda Harvey Reply

    I love the people. I have met many new friends I still talk to at WURSTFEST. I look forward to going

  42. Laura D. Reply

    I love this fall weather. The Wurstfest is a great place to spend some fun time outdoors, tasting some fantastic food and gettin’ down to the polka music!

  43. Holly Prendergast Reply

    I have never been and my new husband is from England. My parents go every year. They bike ride, eat the yummy food, and the polkas remind my mom of my grandfather who used to play polkas on his accordian

  44. Holly Prendergast Reply

    I have never been and my new husband is from England. My parents go every year. They bike ride, eat the yummy food, and the polkas remind my mom of my grandfather who used to play polkas on his accordian

  45. Kim Reply

    I love this place, lots of good food, good drinks and good people. See you all there.

  46. Rene McCloud Reply

    Fun , family and entertainment festival that German has ddone in October

  47. Tracey Whitley Reply

    I love the chicken dance inside the big tent with a beer in my hand! I went to Oktoberfest this year and am from nb. I am so impressed with all of the details that are similar between the two festivals!

  48. marla Holt Reply

    I love Wurstfest! All the food is great and so is the beer.
    I love the music, it gets you in a happy mood.

  49. Henry Garcia Reply

    We LOVE Wurstfest Beer and Bratwursts! The Wursfest is the BESTest!

  50. Susan Reply

    Haven’t been to Wustfest since I was 20 yrs old. I’m considerably older and much wiser!!Love the music, beer,food and fellowship>

  51. Sherry Reply

    Love the food! Don’t love the drunks! Looking forward to taking my teenagers to experience the event this year.

  52. Crazy Eagle Reply

    I used to attend Octoberfests back in the 70’s when they supported volunteer fire depts in rural New England. The fun, commaraderie and great German Food and dance was a joy to be a part of.

    I haven’t been to a German Fest since I left the East Coast back in the early 80’s. It would be nice to check this one out as i pass by New braunfels everytime I go to San Antonio and back monthly/

  53. Jason Reply

    By far one of the funnest events to visit New Braunfels for. Come hungry and thirsty! We are looking forward to the pork-chop on a stick and the various kinds of German sausage on a stick.

  54. Terry Tolfa Reply

    I have never been, so I look forward to all the things I will be able to LOVE!!!

  55. Nathan Reply

    I have never been to a Wurstfest, so I do not know what it is.

    I presume its a lot of fun with good German Foods?

  56. Jen Reply

    I’ve never been, I’ve heard great things about it and would like to see what the buzz is all about.

  57. Katie Osborne Reply

    Heaven on a stick, fried pickles, potato soup and the chicken dance!!

  58. Birgit Reply

    Iโ€™m native German and was surprised how close the Wurstfest is to Germanyโ€™s Oktoberfest (considering other Oktoberfests in the United States Iโ€™ve been to). I liked the German food and the beer although the beer was too expensive. I also liked the German band although they took very long breaks (Wurstfest 2 years ago).

  59. Jan Waggoner Reply

    we have some German friends who plan to meet us in New Braunfels so we can meet their new adopted 12 year old daughter. What better way to celebrate than to attend a festival celebrating the family heritage! Plus the beer will be delicious (but we will get root beer for the young one!)

  60. Penny Reply

    I have been in San Antonio for 2 years, This will be my first time going.
    Can’t wait

  61. Diana Blank Reply

    I love how it is ok for everyone lets loose and act like a kid again with crazy hats, great food, beer and friends!

  62. Barbara B Reply

    Love the German sights and sounds. And of course the food. Wouldn’t miss it.

  63. Laura Simeon Reply

    Would love to take the little ones to Wurstfest! Have not been in years but I remember all the great foods and music. Even if we don’t win tickets, would love to take all the kids this year!

  64. Emily Mika Reply

    The best thing about Wurstfest is the brats with sauerkraut and ofcourse delicious pitchers of beer! A great time to spend with loved ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Barbara B Reply

    The very best German culture with all the sights and sounds of Germany. Love to go every year.

  66. Robyn Reply

    Never been to Wurstfest, but would love to make this my 1st annual attendance. Great music, food and beer sounds awesome to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Nancy Gillespie Reply

    love love love the music groups each yr n the sing a-longs
    Always a place to sit n get out of the rain n cold to enjoy
    Handicap parking is so close to the gate too

  68. Robin and Tom Ervin Reply

    We will be visiting San Antonio that week. We’ve never been to Texas and since we have received this email we are making a side trip the the festival. We are looking forward to it.
    Tom and Robin Ervin
    200 Parkway Ave Ewing NJ 08618

  69. Debby Brady Reply

    My NYC hubby has never been to a festival like this. I can’t wait to share this great time in Texas with my Yankee. Also can’t wait to taste all that great food!

  70. Theresa Anderson Reply

    I was born in West Germany. I love to learn more about the culture there. I moved to Texas 2 years ago and have never been to this festival. I think that it would be an awesome experience!

  71. Dameon Swanson Reply

    I would love to see the entertainment that is suppose to be at the festival.

  72. Bill Van Deren Reply

    I have never been to this kind of festival, but I would very much like to learn more about the German culture, its traditions, and enjoy the great food.

  73. Theresa Pearce Reply

    I have never been and would love to experience the music. My boyfriend and I love festivals.

  74. Tony Ojo Reply

    I have never benn to the fest have have seen various German celebration including the October fest when I lived in Germany. If it is comparable, I am in seventh heaven.

  75. Belinda Saldana Reply

    As long as I have been in TX have never been and truly would love opportunity to go to experience the Culture and the Great Food I hear about!

  76. Sandra Sainz Reply

    This will be my first time going to Wursfest looking forward to going and enjoying all the great food and drinks.

  77. Leticia Quintal Reply

    Never been to Wurstfest. This is our first time and we are all looking forward to having a good time, good food, good music and good company.

  78. Nancy Yates Reply

    I have never been able to attend and would love to see it for myself. i have read about it through the years and dreamed of going someday, however my days are shorter with age and I want to experience it while I can!

  79. Terri Lozano Reply

    We have read about the Wurstfest online but have never been able to attend. This will be the first year that our schedule will allow us to attend. So excited about the food, music and festivites! It will also be for my birthday!

  80. Evelynn Brown Reply

    I am excited to see great entertainment and eat good food! Evelynn

  81. Judy Ryan Reply

    My husband and I are so excited to attend. It’s his 65th birthday and he can’t wait to get some real German food and good German beer

  82. Terry Tiemann Reply

    It’s the perfect time of year to be in New Braunfels. I am really looking forward to the fun…and the FOOD!!!

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