TOUR TEXAS: Tell Me Your Texas Travel Tales!

texas travelIn my last article, I recapped my Texas travels over the past year and talked about some of my plans for 2012. Now, I’d like to hear a bit from y’all about your Lone Star state travels:

What were the Texas travel highlights you experienced during the past year? Did you take a short one- or two-day trip to somewhere really great?  A weekend in western Texas’ Big Bend country perhaps?  A North Texas lake excursion? Maybe a week along the Gulf Coast, soaking up the sun?  Did you escape for the holidays to shop at a Christmas market or explore other festive events?  I really want to know about the best attraction you visited.  Was there a particular restaurant that made your trip especially memorable?
If you were lucky enough to visit somewhere in Texas, let’s hear it!  Why did you choose that as your destination?  Would you go again?  And what about future plans?  Any upcoming Texas trips you’re looking forward to?
As I mentioned last week, I’m anxious to hit the open road this year and I’ve already got some of my itinerary planned, but I’d love to hear from you:  
Where do you think I should write about next?  Where have you traveled in Texas that you want others to know about? 

Let me know…you just might see a Tour Texas feature about your favorite spot!

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  1. JJ Reply

    Took the family down south to the coast this summer. We hit the two Schlitterbahn Parks in Galveston and S. Padre and the kids are still talking about it.

  2. Vik Reply

    Every summer, we go camping in Big Bend national park. There’s hiking, canoeing and such great scenery. If you haven’t been there, you should definately add it to your plans.

  3. Wanda Furgason Reply

    Lake Brownwood State Park is a favorite around here and they’ve started the year with a new year’s day hike on their improved trails. we would like for the Texas Travelin’ Man to come to Early Chamber and see what is going on here and in Brownwood!

  4. Roseanne Berger Reply

    Traveled to San Elizario, Texas outside of El Paso. It’s amazing how much this little town has changed over the last 2 years. Artist and new businesses have set up shop there. If you like history and Art it’s worth a visit if you’re in nearby El Paso. Especially during one of the many festivals and events like the Billy the Kid Festival or the monthly Art Walks on the square.

  5. TT Travelin Man Reply

    @JJ – those water parks are so great. Nothing better on a hot day. I will certainly be down on the Gulf Coast myself in the coming months so expect a few write-ups on that.

  6. TT Travelin Man Reply

    @Vik – I am sure due for a good camping trip and Big Bend Park sounds like a great place for it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    @Wanda – I don’t think I’ve passed through Early before, but I will certainly look it up.
    @Roseanne – it’s been awhile since I’ve traveled through San Elizario. Sounds like I need to come and see all the changes.

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