WIN a Texas Highways Wall Calendar!

Texas Highways calendar 


Hey Y’all!  Wouldn’t you love to have this beautiful calendar hanging on your wall? 

I’ve got 4 of these to send out for free!  If you’d like one, please just answer this simple question in the comment section below:

If you could travel anywhere in Texas, where would you go and why?

On February 6 at 12 noon, I will randomly choose 4 commenters to receive a free calendar.

Winners will be contacted by email and asked for their mailing address.

The calendar has some really gorgeous photos, with scenes from Big Bend to Caddo Lake and from Llano River State Park to the Texas Coast.  Enjoy the beauty of the Lone Star State all year! (Retail value for the calendar is $13.95.)

Can’t wait to hear about your favorite Texas places.  Good Luck!

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  1. Darlene Reply

    Llano River State Park!!! I’ve never been there and it looks like a place my kids would love!

  2. Wes Gomer Reply

    I have a particular preference for the Hill Country, especially the stands of wildflowers in the spring.

  3. Karen Norwood Reply

    I’d go back to San Saba County! My grandparents and parents were from there and I haven’t been back to the farm in many years. I’d go stand up on top of Barnett Mountain and look for miles and miles! I’d go to the Locker Cemetery and read the headstones again, and see my Granddad’s grave. I’d go across the Regency Bridge and stop in the middle and watch it sway. I’d go to the Regency Cemetery where many of my ancestors rest, then I’d take the "backroads" into Goldthwaite and back around through the beautiful little town of San Saba! I’d listen to the mockingbirds and the bees and the crickets….and I’d listen for my Grandma’s voice in the quiet. I’d pretend the old farmhouse was still standing…..and I’d go into the backyard and sit in the old tree swing. And THAT’S where I would visit in Texas!

  4. alicia ramsey Reply

    I have lived in several places over the great state of Texas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Amarillo, Waco, and now College Station. I want to see everything that’s in all of those gaps. Texas highways always lead to great finds of history and adventure (and more delicious BBQ). I am trying to plan a trip to Big Bend, despite all my years in West Texas I have never been to see all of its natural beauty of our largest and national park. The road from College Station to Big Bend is long but I would also get the chance to travel through the Hill Country and stop through Fredricksburg and wherever else seemed a good place to soak in some more of our heaven on earth!

  5. Marilyn Boulter Reply

    I would travel to San Antonio to see the Alamo. I had a great-great uncle who fought and died in the fight. His wife was one of the survivors. I have lived in Texas most of my life and I have never been to San Antonio. I would also like to see the Riverwalk.

  6. Ric Johnson Reply

    Galveston.. I love to explore the more non-populated, or more lightly populated areas of that area.. at any time of year, the Gulf always calms me and my spirit…

  7. delana harvey Reply

    If i could go anywhere, i’d pack up all my kids & take them to a Texas beach. That was a favorite vacation spot for us for years, however he was killed in a car accident 2 yrs ago, no life Insurance, so i’m a widow of orphaned babies that i’m raising alone & barely. Its been a long time since we enjoyed anything, especially a vacation. And there is no place like a Texas beach~

  8. Kathy Rhodes Reply

    If I could travel anywhere in Texas it would be right back to Hill Country, where I lived for 2 years!!! I absolutely LOVE Bandera, Kerrville and all of the towns in that area!!! The water is beautiful and clear; the people are friendly; the atmosphere is laid back and fantastic!!!! I soo very much miss Texas and cherish any time I can possibly travel that way again!!!!! I was born a Yankee, but I’m a Texan in my heart… now and always!!!!

  9. Ruthie Kastrup Reply

    San Antonio

    I love San Antonio…The Riverwalk and everything about it! โ™ฅ

  10. John Clark Reply

    Fredericksburg. Love the Hill Country, especially Fredericksburg and Rustlin’ Robs!

  11. Laurie Ware Reply

    I would love to take my family to visit Palo Duro Canyon. One of the few places we haven’t been.

  12. Stewart Candler Reply

    I currently live in Mesa, Arizona. I would take my teenage son and my wife to San Antonio in the spring. There is the Alamo where so many gave their lives so that the Promised Land of Texas might survive. Then there is the zoo, the river walk, the space needle, the rolling hills and desert to cross just to drive there. The glorious beauty of the blue bonnets and paint brushes in their spring best coloring the hillsides. San Antonio is unlike any other city anywhere, a true melting pot of old and new.

  13. Beverly Chisnall Reply

    I would like to go to San Antonio. I have heard how pretty it is there and the places to see is breath taken. Maybe one day I will be able to go see more of the beautiful places in Texas as in San Antonio for one. But would drive from East Texas to get there since on the way would have beauty to see all way to San Antonio.

  14. Bobby Marshall Reply

    I would love to go to the Palo Duro canyon region.. I’m a big fan of the outdoors. Hunting, Fishing, and lately photography.. That area has some of the most spectacular views that I would like to see personally !! An amateur (sp) photographers dream, take pictures of not just the scenery but also the wildlife, birds in particular.

  15. Skip Herring Reply

    I didn’t do this correct my first go-around!!!

    I have never been to the Big Bend area, so… I guess that would be a GREAT Choice for me!!!

  16. Belinda Reply

    I want to take my grandkids to see the coast. I grew up is Houston and loved the sounds and salt water smell of the coast. I want to share that with them.

  17. debbie Clark Reply

    Port Aransas Tx because I love the beaches and all the great shops.

  18. Carol Sue Smith Reply

    If I could travel anywhere in Texas it would be West Texas…Why…well it’s sad but I’ve never been to West Texas, I’ve been all over East Texas, Central Texas and in between, but never to West Texas. Why leave the state of Texas for a vacation when we have it in our backyards…The Guadalupe Mountains at sunset, Monahans Sand Hills, Haynes Ridge in Caprock Canyons, the roads go on forever and the party never ends! Texas Our Texas, Oh Hail Our Mighty State! So there you have it my friend, I really would love to WIN a Texas Highways Wall Calendar! (I can no longer afford the magazine subscription)

    Thank you kindly! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Kimberly Klepper Reply

    I would go to the Alamo. I have not been there since I was 4 years old. I have been saving money to go and take my best friend with me. She was born and raised in Seminole,married and moved to Colorado City Tx. with her husband and had 4 daughters. She is now 52 yrs old and never seen the Alamo. I plan to take her.

  20. Mary Anne Moran Reply

    Brenham, Texas in the spring, Bluebonnets and Blue Bell Ice Cream….Yum!

  21. Kelli Lewis Reply

    My husband & I travel all over the state. I would love to have this calendar!

  22. Chance L. Gafford Reply

    I would head to the Hill Country for the amazing views and great hunting!

  23. charles taylor Reply

    although I live in Missouri now, I was born, and lived in Cameron Texas for 39 years. I miss the blue bonnets, paint brushes, and folks pulling over to let faster drivers by, and the faster drivers waving, it’s unheard of anywhere else. I miss bluebell Icecream, and Big Red too

  24. Sylvia Reply

    given that ALL of Texas is amazing, it’s a difficult question to answer! However, I would go to the Hill Country-San Antonio area, because it’s my favorite place in the whole WORLD and I have not yet had the opportunity to share it with my husband.

  25. Betsy Wall Reply

    Port Lavaca, I have just always wanted to see the water from Tx. I’ve seen it from the east coast and west but never from my home state of TX.!

  26. Debbie Rash Reply

    Jasper Tx, sam Rayburn Lake, spent summers there camping and the veiws, the water, the people, are all wonderful reminders of how much I miss my home, I grew up in the Golden Triangle( Beaumont, Port Authur, Orange) Guess you will never take Texas out of the girlie

  27. Anne Boykin Reply

    If I could travel anywhere in Texas, I would travel to Big Bend in the early spring. I have never been there.

  28. Polly Nance Reply

    Howdy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The first place I would love to see is Palo Duro Canyon State Park during the summer months when I can catch a production of "Texas" in the evening and under the stars. And I would love to take all my age-appropriate great nieces and nephews along with me. I can’t think of a better way to share the pride I have in Texas and in being a native daughter than to sit and watch the story of her history unfold before our eyes in the beauty of such a magnificent canyon.

    Whether I win a calendar or not is secondary because I’m going to start planning this trip now. So I thank you in advance for the magical journey your little challenge inspired me to pursue.

    God Bless You and God Bless Texas,

    Polly Nance

  29. Cathy Patterson Reply

    I have thought long and hard about the question of where I would like to go and why. I have been to so many Texas town that it is hard to narrow it down to just one town or area. I was born and raised in Odessa. I loved it. I have lived in the piney woods, the gulf coast, centralTexas, and the highland lakes. I realized that all of this great state has things I dearly love. I presently live in the Heart ofTexas. I can go in any direction and be where I want to be at any given time.Therefore, I think anywhere in TEXAS is where I want to go. Everything I love and hold dear is in this great state. I love my country,TEXAS.

  30. Duane Mock Reply

    If I could travel anywhere in Texas I would go to Cibolo Creek near Boerne. Anytime I hear the sounds of water gently gurgling over rocks and around river tree roots it reminds me why I came to this spot so may years ago. A giant Cypress tree had fallen over the creek and made a great place for my then girlfriend and me to sit a spell and enjoy all the sights and sounds. It was just the place I had hoped to find in order to make my marriage proposal meaningful and memorable. Sitting on the Cypress tree, I asked and she said yes, February 23, 39 years ago. Cibolo Creek, Cypress trees, gurgling water, and an emphatic "Yes" from my Boerne sweetheart — Texas has been very good to me.

  31. Jean Bright Reply

    I would go to Palo Duro canyon. It’s beautiful and you can ride rented horses through the canyon,then watch the show "Texas" that evening. While there, I would learn to spell it.

  32. Teija Astala Reply

    I would like to visit Big Bend, because it looks so beautiful on photos.

  33. David Chasteen Reply

    Just more proof that Texas is the most beautiful place on earth! Love to have a calendar!

  34. Marie Weckter Reply

    Fredricksberg where the German things ate or sea world in San Antonio. That would be a wonderful vacation.

  35. Mike Reply

    I’d like to go to Marfa. I’ve never been there, and I’d love to see the mysterious lights.

  36. Nancy Reply

    To visit family so far away , would be where I’d choose to go.
    West Texas is the destination for me.

  37. cheryl Reply

    I’d love to go back to Big Bend Country! It’s drop dead gorgeous out there! Big skies, big views, awesome camping,rafting, horseback riding and running!

  38. Dags Reply

    I would go to College Station because a very dear friend lives there and I cannot travel through Texas without checking in there ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Joy Seely Reply

    I was raised in Dime Box Texas but live in OK now I miss Texas and the bluebonnets would love a calendar

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