The Texas Junk Company: One of Houston’s Best-Kept Secrets

Update: In November 2016, the Texas Junk Company’s Houston location closed. The owner is planning to open a new store in Moulton, TX, about 2 hours from Houston.  As of March 2017, it’s not yet open.  For updates, follow the Texas Junk Company on Facebook:

You won’t find it in most travel guides and the locals are glad about that.  They would prefer that not too many people find out about the Texas Junk Company.

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Located in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, the Texas Junk Company carries a huge selection of used items at bargain prices. You’ll find tennis rackets, frames, vintage luggage, artwork and other knick-knacks, but the main event here is the rodeo wear and more specifically, the boots.  This warehouse-type building is well organized with rows and rows of “pre-owned” boots, arranged by size, from the very simple to really fancy, from practically new to very well worn.  I saw many pairs with a lot of miles still left in them, that were priced between $30 – $70.  The fancier ones with more detail and exotic leathers will naturally run higher.
The owner is Bob Novotney, a baby-boomer hippie kind of guy with long, gray hair and a soul patch on his chin.  He spends his weeks scouring his connections across Texas for the goods – nice used boots, denim jackets, cowboy hats and other miscellany that he can reload his shelves with.  And, because he is shopping during the week, the store is only open Fridays and Saturdays.  Bob says that over 30 years ago with just $50 to his name, he started the company selling various odds and ends, but he came to realize that the boots were a big draw for his customers.  As his selection of boots grew, so did his customer base. “I’ll go just about anywhere to pick up some new stock.  I buy boots in any condition and I’ll buy every pair I can find.”  These days, there are plenty of “regulars” who come by to see what’s new as well as people who include this unique stop on their itinerary every time they visit Houston, especially around rodeo season.
cowboy boots saleI decided to pick up some boots for myself and I figured I’d walk out with one of the $30 pairs.  Then I saw this pair of alligator boots for a little over $200, which I couldn’t resist.  A friend who is a boot aficionado told me I got a steal.  I think I saw a gleam of envy in his eye.
Make time for a stop here on a Friday or Saturday during your next visit.  And bring cash or your checkbook  – no credit cards accepted.  You’ll love browsing through this cool store and you just may walk about with a pair of “new” boots.
Texas Junk Company
215 Welch St.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 524-6257

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  1. Bert Reply

    TJC is great! And Bob…well, let’s just say he’s a character! (And I mean that in a good way!) Anyway, I managed to find a perfect pair of hand-stitched lizard-skin boots for $95 – and they looked brand new! I could barely find a scuff mark on the soles. And if you’re just looking for a pair of sturdy work boots, you can find those for as low as $30.
    I suggest you heed the Texas Travelin’ Man and head over some Saturday when you’ve got some time and give it a gander.

  2. tonya Reply

    I would like to have more info on your store, I am in Indiana, and my daughter loves cowboy boots, she is a cowgirl at heart. I would love to buy her some, I saw this on pinterest and I wanted to check to see if you have an official website I can visit so I can buy some. thanks

  3. Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    Hi Tonya ~ No, I"m afraid they do not have a website. It’s one of those eccentric shops where the merchandise is one-of-a-kind and it is constantly changing so it’s not easy to catalog and track on a website. It’s the kind of place for walking around, seeing the unique selection, trying things on and seeing what fits. Since you live in Indiana, I think that means you will just have to plan a visit to Houston sometime soon. We’d love to have ya’ll spend some time in our great state!

  4. Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    Hi Jocelyn ~ The store is only open two days a week, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am – 6pm. Bob, the owner, always urges people to call first because he is a one-man operation and if he needs to leave to get more inventory, he will sometimes close up the store to do that.

  5. Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    Jamie ~ You can’t. They don’t have a website. Please read the comment above yours for the explanation.

    • Thomas W. Cranston Reply

      Boots are unisex. Just get a pair that fits. I know some places have mens an womens sections. Dudes if you cant get a fit, just get the same boot on the other side. It will just be marked with a larger size.

  6. Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    @Mandee – YES! He’s got boots for everyone – men, women and kids!

  7. Jennifer Reply

    coming to houston 2014 for get away – will make your store number 1 stop their other used western places in your area , that u will share ? thanks ..

  8. Kathy Brian Reply

    Oh my god my brothers will love this.we are from Texas they love there boots. Wanted to say Hi to you all to.

  9. Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    @Jennifer – Yes, there are other places that sell used Western wear and boots in the Houston area, but I can’t speak for any ones in particular. My wife has been to Buffalo Exchange in Houston (they also have locations in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio: Just look up thrift shops in the area and you are likely to find what you are looking for.

  10. Texas Travelin' Man Reply

    @Kathy Brian – Well, HI to you too!!! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you and your brothers make it to this store. Let us know if you do.

  11. Angie Reply

    do you by any chance know if they have any mariachi boots??

  12. Marrissa Baxter Reply

    Hello. I was inquiring if I could order boots from your Best Kept Secret Co. and have them shipped to my home? My daughter’s and I have been looking forever for boots that are comfortable with a slight worn look. It’s amazing how the Lord works. Plz let me know if your willing. All monies would be paid up front in full.
    Thank you, Marrissa Baxter

  13. Shari Reply

    Word is this best kept secret is to close very sad, thank you big business and developers

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