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Wurstfest New Braunfels TX



OK, y'all, get your lederhosen and your beer steins ready – it's almost time for "Wurstfest", and 70 lucky 
winners will go for FREE!
New Braunfels,TX  will be host to Wurstfest 2012, a 10-day celebration of German heritage featuring plenty of delicious German food, music and fun.  Enjoy a beer, dance the polka, and sample some of the world's best sausage and other German treats.  Wurstfest begins on Friday, November 2 and runs through Sunday, November 11th. (Click here for more info on Wurstfest 2012.)
Tour Texas has 70 pairs of tickets to give away and would like to invite you to enter to win!  With so many winners, your odds are pretty good. 
The first 70 people to complete both steps will receive two (2) free tickets to Wurstfest!  It's that simple!
**Don't forget, this is a two-parter!  In order to get your free tickets, you have to leave a comment here on the blog AND send your mailing address to Tickets@TourTexas.com!

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    Would love to attend this event,,, originally from Chicago,,,, love the German food!!!

  2. Ruth Cook Reply

    everything German, since its my heritage its fun to feel German again for the day

  3. JohnP Reply

    The beer! The food! The ompha music! I have been to fests in Germany but not here!

  4. Ava Guidry Reply

    I have never been to the festival, but would really like to go. I have been living and teaching in Port Arthur, TX since 2005. After reading the other post, I am really anxious to go.

  5. Amanda Reply

    I just love the atmosphere, the food and the dancing…oh and the beer isn’t a bad plus either!

  6. nancy gillespioe Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the music! We are older seniors n love to see other seniors dancing n having fun. And the food- precious memories.
    Have a senior German friend that plays the button box accordian- no way to explain the joy he gets listening n watching

  7. joseph de guzman Reply

    Never been to one but would love to take my wife with me and enjoy the festival!

  8. Phyllis Storms Reply

    I love to people watch…just fun seeing other people have fun…and of course the beer

  9. Jeff Castor Reply

    I have not been to Wurstfest, but we are looking forward to the food, music and fun. We don’t drink beer, but definitely enjoy all of the other things about a German Fest!!!! Jeff Castor 27034 E 120 St S Coweta, Ok 74429

  10. Marina Martinez Reply

    I would love to go to the Wurstfest! It sounds like so much fun, and I’ve never been!! 🙂

  11. Harry Dubetz Reply

    These festivals are great for meeting locals and learning about traditions, origins, etc., as well as being able to participate in the festivities.

  12. Linda Ellis Reply

    I love the food, the music, the dancing and of course all the crazy hats everyone wears.

  13. Nancy Stibbens Reply

    Love the food and the beer, but mostly love the dancing, and all the kissing (Kiss me I’m German; Kiss me I’m Irish; Kiss me I’m drunk, etc.)!

  14. suzette Reply

    Reminds me of the local fests in Germany….good food, good drinks, the music and fun times!!!

  15. John Poole Reply

    Hey…you gotta hear Alex Meixner! He’s the best…there’s a lot of good things, but Alex alone is worth going for!!!!

  16. Steve Hill Reply

    I spent 3 yrs in Germany and I’m looking forward to the food , beer, and the music.

  17. Eileen Duerr Reply

    I love the music food and beer. People are really great and fun to be with. Reminds me when we lived in Germany with the U.S. Air Force, was great years.

  18. Carrie Kilwy Reply

    It’s like being in Germany again!! Love everything! The food, the music, the chicken dance!! but my favorite? the porkchop on a stick!!

  19. Alicia Reply

    I love that everyone in the town gathers to do the chicken dance! Pork chops on a stick are always fun too! 🙂

  20. Eileen Hedlund Reply

    What’s NOT to like about beer and wurst??? Plus my husband is the polka KING and all the little old ladies love to dance with him :)) Can’t wait to go to my VERY FIRST Wurstfest!!! Pick me :)))

  21. Henry McCormick Reply

    I love the delicious sausage and beer, the dancing and good times had by all. I have NEVER had anything but a great time there.

  22. Melinda Habingreither Reply

    MY favorite thing about Wurstfest is the food, especially the potato pancakes.

  23. Yaya Scottye Reply

    Never been to the festival but I bet it’s the BEST of the WURST!!! & we REALLY need some R & R!!!

  24. Joe Barron Reply

    I love EVERYTHING about Wurstfest!! The food, the beer, the music, and everything else.

  25. Lee Ann Stephenson Reply

    I love learning more about my German heritage and sharin with other in the tradtional German food and drink…and I like singing drinking songs!

  26. Therese Pringle Reply

    I like the small town atmosphere, the food and music. I appreciate The family tradition of the Wurstfest


    We love the area and would love to experience Wurstfest for the first time. Plus this is our anniversary weekend!

  28. Judith Bell Reply

    The mixing of German and American culture, We will be visiting Texas for New Zealand, a great chance for new experiences.

  29. Florence Alviar Reply

    Loved going last year, my first time! Enjoyed the people, atmosphere, and delicious food and entertainment.

  30. donna summers Reply

    Love weekend getaways where you can experience all. the unique Texas cultures

  31. Jason Tarr Reply

    Absolutely the best thing to do in Texas this time of the year. The food, drinks and entertainment make this event one that my family never misses! I highly recommending staying at one of the many furnished vacation rentals in New Braunfels and make a weekend out of it. It’s off season and rental rates are great. Cheers!

  32. william carrillo Reply

    I moved to Houston from Venezuela in 2006 and back home we have several german towns where I used to love visit and have great food, specially the sausages. I’m looking forward to visit this festival to revive some of those memories.

  33. Molly McCormack Reply

    Hooray for German food!! Sooooo looking forward to taste-testing everything…

  34. Susan Huse Reply

    OMG! I have been wanting to attend Wurstfest for years. I am a native Texan with German heritage. My father was raised in Shiner and I still have family there. I would love to attend Wurstfest with my husband. Good beer, good food and good music. This sounds like it would be a memorable experience.

  35. Casey Canton Reply

    I love festivals, especially TEXAS festivals. 🙂 My favorite part of the festivals is the food!

  36. Cindy Cole Reply

    Beer, food, the polka and Texas… Oh yeah! I need these tickets ya’ll and then I will make good use of them!!

  37. Luis Dacosta Reply

    enjoy spending time with family and enjoy the german food and crafts

  38. Heather Cords Reply

    I never miss Wurstfest… best food… love the dancing and music… and don’t forget the BEER..

  39. Tim and Peg Hart Reply

    We love the blending of the southwest Texas culture with the heritage and culture of the German people.



  41. Tillie Branch Luke Reply

    I love the music, the dancing, the cooking and the people because it gives me the opportunity to learn about a culture that has had a unique effect on history from the people that love their German heritage.

  42. Donna Brown Reply

    I love being in the Texas Hill Country and the music and the food is wonderful. November is a wonderful time to enjoy being outside.

  43. Dee Cruz Reply

    All the Festivities,the food,the beer and the crowd great fest to have a good time.It reminds us when we were stationed overseas in Germany.(87-92) We built some great memories and had a terrific time over there.

  44. Jen Reply

    My favorite part of Wurstfest is that it reminds me of my 8 yrs living in Germany. As a Deutschlehrerin who regularly brings students to student day, I would love to come w/out them and get to know Wurstfest in the evenings…;)

  45. Beverly Steuver Reply

    My favorite part of Wurstfest is the wonderful German food. It’s something fun to do with your family. I haven’t been to the Wurstfest for quite a few years since we have moved to Oklahoma when my husband retired from the Air Force with 25 yrs of service.

  46. Kassie G. Reply

    Beer, Bratwurst, and Bands! It’s the closest thing in Texas to the real Oktoberfest in Germany.

  47. Sharon Childers Reply

    Our son was born in Germany, so it is always great for him to enjoy great food and music from his birth place.

  48. Sally Perez-Ramos Reply

    Best thing about WurstFest has to be the FOOD and Beer! We love it and look forward to coming every year!

  49. Audrey S Reply

    Supporting the local community, through the local vendors serving up yummy treats and eats!

  50. Jamie Willis Reply

    We love the food, the music and the culture….not to mention all the fun we have!

  51. Brian S Reply

    I love everything about Wurstfest, but most of all love the wonderful musicians you book every year… Alex Meixner tops them all by the way!

  52. e.everett Reply

    Good food, good beer. and alot of wonderful happy people. It doesn’t get better than this

  53. John Sayce Reply

    I love the family atmosphere of Wurstfest. I have a 10 year old child and I feel comfortable bringing him to the festival. He can run around with other kiids and I can dance and drink a little beer. Wurstfest is a great time.

  54. Tom Lane Reply

    We really enjoy seeing the Texas German Culture brought back and celebrated. The wide variety of foods and people make the trip worthwhile. If you are a beer drinker, you shouldn’t miss this party.

  55. Evan Partee Reply

    My favorite thing about Wurstfest is that even though I did not know grow up in New Braunfels, I get such a sense of pride for the place I call home. It is truly a time that we are able to showcase our great little city, our heritage and all the great things that go along with it. Besides that is such a fun family event!! Couting down the days!!

  56. bob davis Reply

    I love german food. Being from La. we do not have much of a selec
    tion here

  57. Ronda Riedinger Reply

    Love that I will always run into family and friends when I go… For some chicken dancing and wurstentachen!!!

  58. Susan Huse Reply

    Been doing a polka since we got our tickets last week. We are so excited and happy to have won a set of tickets in the giveaway. Made our hotel reservations today – Wurstfest here we come! Brandon and Susan Huse

  59. steven almendarez Reply

    I love these types of festivals because of the opportunity to be a part of another culture and learn the good aspects of the culture and not the bad news you see on the TV

  60. Monica Peter Reply

    My brother attended the Wurstfest Festival when he lived in TX and said it was a blast. I am looking forward to the rich Central TX culture that will be enjoyed at the Wurstfest.

  61. monique Reply

    I just love the food and the music. I try and go every year. So much fun!!!

  62. Ulli Dennett Reply

    Since I can’t travel to Germany, Wurstfest in New Braunfels is the next best thing to an authentic "Oktoberfest. It’s awesome.

  63. Jill Acha Reply

    The beer is great, the music makes you want to polka, and the mood of everyone there, makes it a great time!

  64. Paul McPherson Reply

    The People, The food of course, the spririt of things and overall merryment! I encourage folks to go every year.

  65. Kris Hite Reply

    My favorite thing is enjoying the food and the comfort of my heritage with my family!

  66. Jill Acha Reply

    The beer is great, the music makes you want to polka, and the mood of everyone there, makes it a great time!

  67. Gloria Reply

    The food – sausage – beer – all things fried! What more could you ask for?

  68. T Callow Reply

    We try to go to Wurstfest every year. The music (Ooompah bands and Alex Meixner, Czech, etc.), potato pancakes, German gift shopping, the bier (of course), the Melodrama (so fun!), sitting by the river, the silly hats and the general atmosphere.

  69. Sandra Davis Reply

    My mom is 100% german I’m half german. My memories of Germany are something I treasure. We love to go to Wurstfest so my 6 grandkids can get a feel of what german culture is really like and how generous and caring German people really are.

  70. Mary Connelly Reply

    My favorite thing about a festival like Wurstfest is the food and the music!

  71. Lisa Stewart Reply

    My fiance is part German and we love to experience the food, music and fun…!!!

  72. Stephanie Reply

    We love the food, music and overall atmosphere.. lots of fun for the family!

  73. Jeannine Fairly Reply

    Chicken Dance with a Sausage-on-a-stick in hand….
    I Love the WURSTFEST, for years!!

  74. Shannon McPherson Reply

    I LOVE having this time of year to spend with my hubby. He and I always go to Wurstfest!!!

  75. Jennifer Olson Reply

    My favorite thing about the festival will be the FOOD…I’m German and can’t wait to have some sauage and sauerkraut!!

  76. Monica Reply

    The potato pancakes are the best and I like that all the money goes for community projects in New Braunfels.

  77. PS Gerko Reply

    I look forward to hearing some great German music and dancing in Wurst Halle!

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