Segway Tours of Houston: Your Segue to a Really Cool Experience!

Have you ever wanted to explore a new city but didn’t know where to start? Well (aside from visiting to obtain all the best travel suggestions) if you are visiting Houston, they have a new and innovative way of exploring all the sites and history of downtown without taking a step!  How is this possible, you ask?  One word: Segways!  

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t Segways for mall cops?  Oh contraire, my friend!  These two-wheeled, self-balancing phenomena are now available to you as well at Segway Tours of Houston, and are a segue to a really cool experience. 

The tour we went on was called the “Buffalo Bayou Tour,” and started in downtown Houston at the Wortham Center.  Tip #1: Be sure you know where your tour starts! When I looked up the address for the tours, I followed the address given for where the Segways are housed, not where our tour would start.  It took a few minutes to reroute to the actual launch location.

Tip #2: Trust your Segway, and your tourguide.  I know it sounds simple, but despite my warnings about the initial “Segway shake” if I didn’t trust the Segway to balance upon stepping on, I soon became “that girl” with the shaking Segway.  But “come on!” I say, all logic, reason, and schooling tells me that two-wheeled objects should not be able to stand up on their own!  This is what makes Segways one of the most interesting developments of the 21st century.  Built with sophisticated tilt sensors, the Segway works similarly to the way your inner ear does in regards to balance.  When you start leaning forward too far and could potentially lose control, the Segway pushes back to slow you down.  It is modern technology at its finest.

The Buffalo Bayou Tour was a perfect taste of all that downtown Houston has to offer.  With the tour guide’s knowledge and leading, you will uncover historical sites, landmarks, statues, trails, popular venues, and a rich amount of history about the city.  Tip #3: Ask questions.  Your tour guide holds a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips, if you’ll only ask.  If you are curious about one of the landmarks or statues, ask more about it! If you want to know the best Italian restaurants in town, inquire!  The best way to tailor the tour to you is to engage with your tour guide.   

While Segways can be a little intimidating at first, the only real danger occurs when your history nostalgia blinds you from seeing that the Segway in front of you has come to a halt.  Oh yeah, that happened to me a few times, too.  Tip #4: Avoid Segway collisions as well as pedestrians.  As rich and awesome as the history tour is, it’s important (just as in driving) to pay attention.  

With these tips in mind, and a love for undertaking new adventures, you will be set for the best possible Segway tour experience.  Whether you are new to the city or have lived in Houston for years, the Segway Tours of Houston have something for everyone.

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  1. Amy Moya Reply

    Will be in Houston at the end of the month with a group of teenagers : what are the conditions and prices ?

  2. Anna Woita Reply

    Hi, Amy!
    The tours are usually 2 hours long and $80 a person, though there are discounts for group rates. For more information on the various tours you can check out Segway Tours of Houston’s website at Enjoy your time in Houston!

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