Free Ticket Giveaway to The Ultimate Mirror Maze and The Vault Laser Challenge: Enter Now to Win!!


Alright all you competitive contest-lovers, it's that time again for you to win free stuff!  Right now we are offering 11 pairs of tickets for the combo of The Ultimate Mirror Maze Challenge and The Vault Laser Challenge in San Antonio, TX!

The Ultimate Mirror Maze Challenge is a winding maze of fun for all ages, with surprising corners, dead ends, and continuous circles! For an extra challenge, the maze offers 3D prism glasses.  With these passes that last all day, challenge yourself to see how fast you can make it through!

The Vault laser challenge is equally intense.  Test out your stealthy skills in a real-life James Bond kind of way with this laser beam challenge!  As laser beams illuminate and the timer starts, it is your job to see how fast you can make it across the room without coming into contact with one of the beams of light.  Make it a contest between family members! Varying difficulty levels allow for a challenge for all ages. 

Here’s how to enter:
1. Leave a comment here on the blog and answer this question: What is your favorite thing to do in San Antonio, TX?
2. Send an e-mail to with your name and mailing address.  We will need this to mail your tickets to you if you win.

The first 11 people to complete both steps will receive two free tickets to The Mirror Maze Challenge and The Vault Challenge combo tickets! 

Don’t forget to complete both steps!  Good luck!! 


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  1. Claudia Coronado Reply

    I love visiting the Alamo it’s amazing how interested my Munchkin’s are in history, we also enjoy the Riverwalk, & Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch!!

  2. Jackie ettles Reply

    Favorite thing to do is shop at the riverwalk and take the kids to time machine to eat. We never knew about this.

  3. Susan E. Preston Reply

    I love the riverwalk in the sling. Lots of fun stuff to enjoy and British food.

  4. Lynda Martinson Reply

    My family loves the River Walk, Fiesta Texas and Sea World. Our favorite places to eat are the RainForest Cafe and Magic Time Machine.

  5. Linda Atkins Reply

    I love the Riverwalk, the Mexican Food, and the Marketplace – hard to pick just one.

  6. Linda Atkins Reply

    I love the Riverwalk, the Market Place and the Mexican food.

  7. Christine Reply

    I can’t wait to see the lasers and mirrors. It sounds very unique. I always enjoy the River Walk and Sea World when visiting San Antonio. They are some of my fondest family vacation memories from being a child.

  8. Patti Martin Reply

    I love the people! Everyone in San Antonio are nice! No matter where you are if you ask someone they will direct you where you need to go! Love that City!

  9. Janie Munoz Reply

    My favorite thing to do in San Antonio is going to a different amusement park & restaurant each year. There is always something fun to do in San Antonio. I love it!

  10. Amanda Douglas Reply

    My favorite thing to do in San Antonio is Shop and Eat on the Riverwalk. So pretty!

  11. Melissa Venegas Reply

    My family and I have always wanted to take a tour of the Alamo but we just enjoy the atmosphere and all the people on the riverwalk!

  12. Doni Reply

    We love the Riverwalk…there’s always something new to see every time we go!!

  13. Tracey Reply

    I would love to win! I’m a single mom and really never have the extra cash to do anything with my 2 teenage kids…..we would love a chance to get away!

  14. Mirta Kirkland Reply

    We enjoy traveling down the river and seeing all the history!

  15. Leo Reply

    My family loves to go to Sea World and enjoy all the wonderful places to dine by the riverwalk.

  16. Elizabeth Cantu Reply

    My favorite spot to visit in San Antonio is Market Square and the food! San Antonio is a great place to visit.

  17. Beverly S. Reply

    We love going to the Riverwalk and going to one of the restaurants along the river.

  18. Karen Reply

    River walk especially the new part of it, Witte Museum, The Alamo and all of historic aspect that goes with it, The Missions (fantastic history)

  19. sharon bennett Reply

    Love being on the river walk, riding on the boats, eating all the good food along the way!

  20. Christie Smith Reply

    My favorite thing to do in San Antonio is to stroll the river walk and take a guided boat tour of it. I love cruising the river!

  21. Rene McCLoud Reply

    IFavorite things to do is shop , Fiesta texas, visit freinds that live in the city, Alamo

  22. Paula T Reply

    Our favorite things to do in San Antonio is to visit the Alamo, Riverwalk, Mirror Maze, and explore the caves at Natural Bridge Caverns.

  23. Josh Kissee Reply

    We love the river walk, six flags, the tower of americas, and the downtown historic culture.

  24. Josh Kissee Reply

    We love San Antonio and are from College Station. We enjoy the Riverwalk, Tower of the Americas, Six Flags, and the awesome downtown culture with historic Spanish architecture.

  25. Janet Campbell Reply

    I love to visit the riverwalk and dine at one of the restraurants. I also love the carriage ride around the town at night.

  26. DM Ragland Reply

    I love to take pictures with my honey at the river walk in the evening "

  27. Suzanne Reply

    My favorite thing to do in San Antonio so far is the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch safari. Lots of fun for the whole family!

  28. Barbara Bokor Reply

    My favorite places in San Antonio are the River Walk and the Market Square and I don’t want to forget the Alamo.

  29. Funky Reply

    Are you kidding?> One thing? We love the Children’s museum, Sea World, the River Walk, Market Square, Malibu Castle

  30. Anna - AJR Media Group Reply

    Thank you again to everyone who participated! We loved reading all the responses of your favorite things to do in San Antonio.

    A special congratulations to the winners: Claudia C. of La Feria, TX, Jacqueline E. of Austin, TX, Susan P. of Harker Heights, TX, Lynda Martinson of Belton, TX, Albert Ruiz of Harlingen, TX, Cheryl Best of Cypress, TX, Christine R. of Hewitt, TX, Angelina Gonzales of Waxahachie, TX, Patti Martin of San Antonio, TX, Pam Wilkinson of Baytown, TX, Janie Munoz of Robert Lee, TX, and Amanda Douglas of Tyler, TX!!

    We will be sending out your tickets in the mail shortly, so be on the lookout for your envelope!

    Thank you again to all the participants! Don’t forget to check back on the blog regularly as there will be more contests to come soon!

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