“Come and Take it!” in Gonzales, TX
History buffs, listen up!  The story of Gonzales gives a little insight into why Texans are the way we are today:
Gonzales TX travelGonzales was established in 1825, about 75 miles east of San Antonio. It was the first Anglo-American settlement west of the Colorado River, and is known as the “Lexington of Texas” because the first shot in the battle for Texas independence was fired here.
So, here's what happened: in 1831, the Mexicans gave the settlers a cannon for protection against the Indians. When the Mexican government decided they wanted the cannon back, the settlers refused. So Mexico sent about 100 soldiers to retrieve it. And even though there were only 18 men in Gonzales, they still refused to give it back! Soon, other volunteers joined the settlers. They constructed a flag bearing the likeness of the cannon and the taunting words "Come and Take It”. They snuck up on the Mexican army, and fired the cannon. By the time the smoke cleared, the Mexicans were scattered and the Texas Revolution was on.
The story always makes me chuckle: "Come and Take It" is quite a bold challenge for a small, rag-tag group of colonists to make against 100 Mexican soldiers.  But those rough and tough ol' boys fired the first shot for our state's independence and were forerunners of the proud, brave and independent Texans we are today.
Gonzales celebrates this victory every year with the "Come and Take It" festival.  Join the party on October 4-6 and enjoy a parade, carnival, biergarten, food, live music, a cook-off, canoe race and much more.  Gonzales Texas vacation
On Oct 5, there's a re-enactment of the battle that started the Texas revolution.
Being one of the most historic towns in Texas, Gonzales has many fascinating sites to explore:
  • Gonzales Memorial Museum – this is where you can see the actual cannon that started it all. There’s also a tribute to the “Immortal 32” (32 men from Gonzales answered the call for help and hastened to the Alamo, joining 9 other men from Gonzales. They all died in the battle) and many other interesting exhibits and artifacts.  
  • Pioneer Village Living History Center – experience life in an early Texas town. The village features an extensive collection of buildings from 19th century Gonzales. Tours, demonstrations and battle re-enactments are offered throughout the year. 
  • The Old Jail Museum – houses the Visitors’ Center, where you can learn more about Gonzales and pick up a map for a self-guided walking or driving tour of this historic town.
There are also many gorgeous homes to see, cemeteries, a charming downtown, and if that wasn’t enough, the area boasts some wonderful parks (known for their wildflowers and wide variety of birds), golf courses, and lots of other outdoor activities.
Visit Gonzales and see where the fight for Texas liberty began!

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