Get “Rainbowed” at Color Events Across Texas

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures on Facebook, Instagram and other media: smiling people in clouds of colored dust or jets of bright paint, their clothes and bodies covered in a palette of pigments. Sometimes they’re running a 5K; sometimes, they’re dancing to dubstep at an outdoor arena. Whatever the activity, they are getting covered in color and having a great time.  It’s a technicolor trend that’s been gaining momentum over the past couple of years and it’s growing fast. Apparently, people really like getting “rainbowed”.

Here’s a rundown of some upcoming color events happening in Texas:


Actually, to call them “races” is probably a misnomer because events like this are not timed and are really just for fun. You’ll find most people walking with friends or jogging at a leisurely pace to the finish line (often in crazy outfits). At the start, participants are dressed in white. The run takes them through color zones, where people are waiting on the sidelines to douse the runners in a blaze of colored powders (powders are made of cornstarch and are non-toxic). The big finale at the finish line is a huge, celebratory, explosive color cloud, where the goal is to get as much color on yourself as possible and just have fun. It’s also a great photo opp!

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If you think you might like to try a color run, first read this list of 25 things to know before you do it. 

Color Me Rad 5K
June 29 | San Antonio

The Color Run
August 23 | Houston
Sept. 5 | San Antonio
Oct. 5 | Round Rock

Additional confirmed cities: San Angelo  /  Brownsville  
► Check complete schedule for more TX cities being added

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The Color Vibe
August 23 | Abilene
October 4 | Dallas/Ft. Worth
October 4 | Midland
► Several other TX cities TBD.  Check the Color Vibe website to see if your town is on the list.

Neon Dash Night Time 5K
Sept. 13 | Austin
Sept. 20 | Dallas

Run or Dye, Color Run, texas vacations

Run Or Dye
Aug. 30 | Austin
Sept. 13 | El Paso 
Additional cities dates to be announced): Laredo  / Wichita Falls  /  Abilene / Corpus Christi  / El Paso
► Check complete schedule for more TX cities being added

Paint Parties

These events vary greatly but the three things they always have in common are lots of great music, dancing and colorful paint blasts.

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Life in Color

“Life in Color” bills itself as the world’s biggest paint party.  Here’s how they describe their spectacular show: “we transport fans into the ultimate, mind-blowing, heart-pumping, electronic dance music experience, featuring the world’s biggest DJs, art, soaring aerial acts, stilt walkers, contortionists and fire shows…leading up to the famous paint blast.”

Catch their annual 4th of July IndepenDANCE Paint Blast. They promise fireworks and more lights, sound and PAINT!
All Ages Welcome!

July 4 | Hildago
neon paint party, el paso texas, anthony texas, texas vacationNeon Paint Party

Get your glow on at The Neon Paint Party, featuring electronic dance music, black lights and a sea of neon colors. The event is held at the Wet N’ Wild Waterworld in El Paso and all rides are OPEN. The party is open to all ages, but some features are 21+, including the Beer Garden and Hookah Lounge.
June 28 El Paso

Website | Facebook

color festival, colour festival, texas, HoliColor Festival

With its origins in India, the Color Festival was initially inspired by an ancient Hindu practice known as Holi, the “Festival of Colors”, which would usher in the Springtime. It was meant as a happy reminder to put away bad feelings and throw worries to the wind. People would ceremoniously throw colored powders into the air, filling the sky with bright clouds of color.

The Color Festival is an all-day celebration of music, dance, fresh vegetarian cuisine and yoga, featuring their world-famous color throws which urge everyone to embrace happiness and love.  All ages welcome.

Sept. 6 | Dallas
Sept. 13 | Houston


So, what’s the point of all these color events?

Judging from all the smiling people having a great time, it’s just all about letting loose, being happy and getting RAINBOWED!




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