Floating Cabins, Good Friends and Great Fishing: a Perfect Texas Gulf Getaway

It was going to be a guy’s weekend. Just the men, no ladies. Nothing against our lovely ladies, but this trip was about the boys. Male bonding, with beer and cigars and bad jokes….and fishing! Oh yes, the fishing.

My good friends Walt, Jax, RJ and I try to get away for a “Guys’ Night Out” every few months or so. The lucky part is that our wives are all friends too and they love getting rid of us for a night or a weekend every once in a while. Win-win, right?

Anyway, we chose the first weekend in September for our most recent trip and Walt gets the credit for picking this fabulous location that none of us knew about. Picture a cabin in the middle of nowhere, no neighbors, no cars going by, no trees and actually no ground below you because you are floating in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. That’s right, a self-sufficient, fully-stocked cottage, afloat on the open sea.

Our weekend started dockside in Corpus Christi. That’s where RJ, Jax and I meet with Capt. Carl Wentreck, owner of the floating cabins. (Walt knows the way and would be meeting us later that night). We loaded up the Captain’s boat with beer, bait, ice and other sundries and shortly after noon, under a hot August sun, we headed south on the open water. Texas fishing, Gulf Coast vacation

The cabin is very basic, but it’s pretty well-appointed, considering it’s floating in the middle of the ocean. It has electricity (provided by generator), running water, bathroom facilities and air conditioning. Cooking options include the kitchen stovetop and outdoor barbecue – and we’d be making good use of both.

By about 3 in the afternoon, we’re settled in, anxious to bait our hooks and cast our lines in the water. About sixty seconds in, Jax gets a hit and pulls in a red drum. The fish are biting like crazy and keeping us all busy as we catch drum, flounder and speckled trout, some really huge suckers, too! The sun is sinking low in the sky when we hear Walt’s boat approaching – just in time, since he is our designated chef. He turns our catch into an incredible dinner of sautéed lemon-pepper fillets, potatoes and salad.

LSunset off the Texas coastater, we enjoyed a few beers, watched the sun slip below the horizon and just let our stress fade away. After dark, we decided to fish just a bit more, making use of the bright stadium lights on the cabin porch, which attract the fish. It’s the only light for miles and the water’s surface is buzzing with activity. Again, we didn’t wait long for the first hit.

That’s pretty much how the rest of the weekend went: lots of fishing, joke-telling, chilling out, great meals with good friends, far away from the cares of the world. On Sunday afternoon, we packed up Walt’s boat and headed for shore with an ice chest full of fish and memories of a spectacular weekend.

If you enjoy fishing, you really ought to book your own Corpus Christi floating cabin fishing vacation.  Visit Captain Carl’s website for pricing and other details.

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