Dinosaur World in Glen Rose – A Must-Visit For Dino Lovers!

Glen Rose, a town near Dallas, is best known as the “Dinosaur Capital of Texas” because of the many well-preserved dino tracks and artifacts in the area.  In a recent blog, I wrote about a great trip I took to Dinosaur Valley State Park, one of the Lone Star State’s natural treasures, offering swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities surrounded by prehistoric wonders. (Things to do in Glen Rose, TX)

During that same trip, I also visited nearby Dinosaur World, a theme park featuring life-sized dinosaurs and plenty of fun, educational activities. If you have a dinosaur-loving kid in your life, this place is a must-visit.

Dinosaur World in glen Rose, TXYou’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a huge T-Rex greeting you as you pull up. The trail through the park is an easy, paved walkway, lined with over 150 larger-than-life dinosaurs and, as you stroll through, you really do get a sense of what it would have been like to share the world with these prehistoric giants. There are benches and shady spots along the way, but most of the kids I saw were too excited to take breaks. There was just so much for them to see and do, including climbing into a dinosaur’s mouth and a dinosaur egg. The walk is about 30-40 minutes, and is stroller-friendly for younger kids.

General Admission rates include the walkway and also an interactive boneyard, where budding paleontologists can unearth a large dinosaur skeleton and the Prehistoric Museum, featuring educational displays and exhibits, including their popular Animatronics Dinosaur display where these incredible creatures come to life! There’s also a nice playground with a covered picnic area (bring your own lunch; there is no food service in the park).

dino-world-boneThere are also a number of other fun activities for kids for a small extra fee, including the Fossil Dig, where they sift in sand for all types of fossils, and the Dino Gem Mine, where kids can uncover minerals and gems and even take home some of the treasures they find.

Don’t miss the gift shop. It’s well-stocked with a wide variety of dinosaur themed treasures like toys, books, and even actual artifacts like dinosaur teeth and fossils!

Dinosaurs were truly amazing creatures, and you and your whole family can learn all about them, and have a ton of fun, too, by paying a visit to Glen Rose, home of Dinosaur Valley State Park and Dinosaur World.

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