Beat the Heat at Jacob’s Well

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When the summer heat really starts to broil, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than a good swimming hole. Luckily, Texas is known for having some really amazing ones around our state. (Check this great article on the Tour  Texas website: “10 Beautiful Texas Swimming Holes to Cool Off at This Summer“.)

One of my favorite Texas swimming holes is Jacob’s Well, an artesian spring located in Wimberley, about a 50 minute drive from Austin. The mouth of Jacob’s Well is about 12 feet in diameter, and thousands of gallons of water per minute surge through it from the Trinity Aquifer, a natural underground reservoir roughly 140 feet below the surface…and probably has been for a million years! This beloved swimming hole has been a gathering place for Native Americans, early settlers, and is now one of Texas Hill Country’s most popular destinations.

It’s a 10 minute walk to the well, and I recommend good walking shoes because the trail can get rocky…I really don’t see how the people in flip flops manage it! Bring some water shoes with you because the surrounding rocks get slippery when wet.  The 68 degree water is so refreshing on a hot summer day and it’s very clean and clear – bring some googles if you enjoy exploring under water. The views are fantastic! There are a couple of important rules you need to be aware of: no diving from the rocks above and no scuba or deep diving in the depths of the well. These activities have claimed a few lives in the past and are strictly forbidden. Keep it safe and you’re sure to have a great day.

After your swim, head to where the spring empties into Cypress Creek. There you’ll find a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals that make their homes along the banks of the surrounding 81 acres of Jacob’s Well Natural Area. It’s a good idea to bring along some food and water, since there are no eating places at Jacob’s Well. Besides the well and some nice hiking trails, there’s also a nature center that features lectures, tours, displays, and a fascinating fossil exhibit.

The well/swimming area is smaller than I expected, but they only let in a certain number of people at a time, so the crowds never felt overwhelming. Please note that you must make a reservation if you want to experience swimming in this Texas treasure…an adventure I highly recommend!




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