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You’ve landed at the Tour Texas blog, a companion to our travel website, Blog entries are written by the “Texas Travelin’ Man”, a staff member who is absolutely passionate about traveling the great state of Texas. He is on a mission to bring our readers the most interesting and exciting places to visit across the state, cool things to do and great places to see. Browse through our blogs and you’ll find a variety of information on the best Texas travel destinations – big cities, quirky small towns, fun festivals, museums, landmarks, historical sites and more.

Got a great idea for a blog or a destination you’d like to learn more about in Texas? Please contact us and let us know.

About Tour Texas
Tour Texas is your one-stop destination for Texas travel information. On our website, you can access free literature and brochures, either downloadable or mailed to your home. Find travel information and tips on vacation planning and travel information such as:

  • ideas for resort destinations
  • unique and interesting activities
  • lodging and facilities
  • special event calendars
  • city information and historical landmarks
  • trade show and convention planning
  • valuable coupons, special promotions

Hope you enjoy the blog. Happy travels!


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